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Angularjs to Angular Migration

If you are looking to Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular 14, JS Panther can help. We are a full-stack Angular development agency that can help you with smooth upgrades. Our Angular team is experienced in legacy modernization and product transformation. We have been providing AngularJS upgrade services to businesses since its release and have the right expertise necessary for a seamless update.

Angular 14 programmers at JS Panther follow a documented approach to help you migrate AngularJS to Angular. Not just do we secure your data, but we also ensure minimal downtime, zero risk, and successful outcomes. We are a leading provider of Angularjs Migration services in California you can trust to upgrade your AngularJS software to Angular for enhanced security, improved usability, and increased stability.

What Makes Us AngularJS to Angular Migration Specialists:-

arrow We can address the security risk of outdated technology.
arrowWe know how to resolve accessibility issues for users.
arrowWe are trained to resolve technical debt for faster development.

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Why JS Panther?

Why Migrate AngularJS to Angular?

Angular JS migration is important and provides a business with faster development cycles, easy maintenance, and quick updates. Following are some of the top benefits you can expect when you upgrade Angularjs to Angular:

  • High Code Optimization

    Angular uses Typescript language, a superset of ES6 (ECMAScript 6). This advanced type-checking feature means that developers can create enterprise-level softwares without worrying about compilation errors. The type-checking feature available with Angular effectively eliminates the possibility of runtime errors.

  • Mobile-First Approach

    Angular utilizes the lazy scripting approach, which governs mobile-friendly solutions. In simple words, the application downloads particular modules only under the user's actions or demands which automates lightning-speed performance. Moreover, Angular has reduced a few animation packages leading to a lighter application weight & higher performance.

  • Smooth Updates with Simple Maintenance

    Angular uses a component-based architecture that powers easy maintenance and creating quick updates. The application is divided into several smaller components in a component-based architecture, which are easier to experiment with. So, debugging has also become simpler after AngularJS migration.

  • Mature Community Support

    Angular is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks. It regularly receives updates from development communities. The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) makes the development and migration process more productive by reducing JavaScript code development and testing time. This leads to high efficiency and cost-saving over the project.

Why choose JS Panther's AngularJS upgrade services?

We have a dedicated team of Angular experts with hands-on experience handling migration requirements of startups and big-scale corporations. Following are the reasons to partner with our agency for AngularJS upgrade and migration.

On-time delivery
On-time delivery

We have a proven record of delivering projects on time, per commitments, as we offer zero data loss.

Strategic approach
Strategic approach

Our migration approach is verified. It doesn't just detect but prevents complications with seamless upgrades.

Skilled Developers
Skilled Developers

Every Angular developer in our team has a minimum of 4 years of experience, which leads to skilled expertise in taking care of your project.

Post project support
Post project support

We offer up to 60 days of free post-migration support in your package. So you can be free of worries.

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JS Panther has been our trusted service partner for several years. They have a good team and have helped us achieve good results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Angular migration important?

    One of the main purposes behind migration is to increase AngularJS code efficiency. It makes the development process more efficient. Lowers the development cycle time, allowing you to spend less (than if you used AngularJS) yet produce greater results. Comparing Angularjs and Angular components, you will see the latter is more mobile friendly, provides smooth updates, and has faster & efficient development cycles, which are all significant reasons why you should switch to it. Moreover, choosing Angular elements means typescript module integration which gives access to ES6 & ES7 features in the project.

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