Upgrade AngularJS to Angular for a long-term sustenance

AngularJS to Angular migration is not a choice anymore. It has become a necessity for the long-term sustenance of your applications and software. Angular 14 programmers at JS Panther follow a documented approach to help you migrate AngularJS to Angular. Not just do we secure your data, but also ensure minimal downtime, zero risk, and successful outcomes. We are professionals you can trust to upgrade your AngularJS software to Angular for enhanced security, improved usability, and increased stability.

What makes us Angular migration specialists:-

Security Risk of Outdated Technology

We can address the security risk of outdated technology.

Resolve Accessibility

We know how to resolve accessibility issues for users.

Faster Development

We are trained to resolve the technical debt for faster development.

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Why AngularJS to Angular Migration?

AngularJS migration is important and can have a lot of benefits for a business and its applications.

Unlike AngularJS, the new Angular 14 uses an MVC architecture. This makes it easier to reuse code, test, and maintain the app. It also helps developers create apps that are lightweight and load faster. Another improvement is 'lazy scripting' which helps make the app more mobile-friendly. Plus, Angular uses Typescript language which is a superset of ES6 (ECMAScript 6). This advanced type-checking feature means that developers can create enterprise-level softwares without worrying about compilation errors.

Angular is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks. It regularly receives updates from development communities. The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) makes the development and migration process more productive by reducing JavaScript code development and testing time. This leads to efficiency and cost-saving. Debugging has also become simpler after AngularJS migration. To summarize, an Angular upgrade is a worthful step businesses should take.

Angular Migration
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Why choose JS Panther's AngularJS migration services?

We have a dedicated team of Angular experts. We have met migration requirements of startups as well as big-scale corporations. Following are the reasons to partner with our agency for AngularJS upgrade and migration.

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On-time delivery

We have a proven record of delivering projects on time, per commitments.

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Strategic approach

Our migration approach is verified. It doesn't just detect, but prevent complications.

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Skilled Developers

Every Angular developer in our team has a minimum of 4 years of experience.

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Post project support

We offer up to 30 days of free support post-migration included in your package.

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