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We had an incredible experience with the service received from JS Panther. They are prompt, efficient, and do an excellent job!


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  • React

  • Next Js

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap


SintryX is a world-class NFT aggregator that provides a seamless experience for NFT enthusiasts to access and trade digital assets. This cutting-edge platform is the world’s first Solana-based CeDeFi platform, bringing unprecedented convenience and liquidity to the trading of traditional cryptocurrencies, STOs, NFTs, venture capital and real estate assets, and fractionalized yields.

The backbone of Sintryx is a groundbreaking financial technology known as Asset Quota Instance (AQI). By allocating Sintryx tokens, investors can effectively participate in a project and gain a proportional cryptocurrency equivalent. This structure gives the multiple layers of investors involved in the project a wide range of advantages.

To achieve seamless project execution, we opted for a combination of cutting-edge technologies such as React, Next Js, CSS, and Bootstrap. This approach was carefully chosen to ensure optimal performance and efficient development of the project.

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What Were The Challenges?

Although the project went smoothly, we encountered a challenge when incorporating multiple features, negatively impacting the app’s speed. Despite this setback, the team persevered and identified a solution, allowing them to move forward to the next obstacle.

Pre-existing components were utilized to expedite the design process without altering their current links.

The team had to contend with stringent deadlines to schedule their deliverables punctually. This was overcome with skilled communication between team members and the partner.

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Key features and Technical Bits of the project

"Modern problems require modern solutions" - The ideology we followed during this project.

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    Website Migration

  • 02

    Design and Development

  • 03

    Data Upkeep

  • 04

    Support & Maintenance

How Did We Operate?

The client came to us looking for assistance on their existing website, which had been built using HTML and CSS. They desired to give it a more modern design and functionality, as well as having their content updated regularly. In response to their request, JSP’s team took the lead and ultimately migrated the static website into one that uses React JS and Next Js.

At the same time, it was optimized to meet the customer’s needs and meet industry standards for design and development. Once the project was completed, our experts provided ongoing maintenance and support services.

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Working with our clients to deliver cutting-edge, groundbreaking solutions was an honor. Our team’s efficiency and mastery in grasping the intricacies of the project were met with utmost contentment. We look forward to future collaborations to further promote this field’s development.