How it all began

In 2018 it was a Eureka Moment for Eric.'

Eric was tired of corporate life and wanted to start his clothing line. He had everything planned but building his eCommerce site was costing a fortune in California.

With a limited budget, he could not afford to spend so much on web development, especially when the venture involved many other expenses. Despite his regular attempt, he found almost every other company's charges exorbitantly higher.

To his rescue, a friend suggested outsourcing the project to an Indian company. He was surprisingly happy with the quotes from new sources. However, the fear of losing quality kept him worried.

This is when the idea of JS Panthers striked.

He realised how the US businesses are stuck with having online development suffering from heavy charges. The lack of budget-friendly onshore development was conspicuous to him at this point.

JS panthers bring the best of onshore and offshore web developments. With real-time project management in the US and a qualified team of developers in India, JS panthers provide high-quality development at a pocket-friendly budget. With a focus on quality, the team together has delivered successful projects to multiple US companies.

Eric joined hands with Lokesh Gupta, and they have flourished together as a JavaScript development company. It's one of a kind, as the company is shaping into a renowned brand for web development projects.


Our Conviction Is In



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What makes us unique?

Our focus is to provide companies with business-oriented solutions that assist them with the digital transformation journey. Below is the peculiarity that separates us from the crowded space of development companies.

Flair to see the bigger picture
Knack for the Bigger Picture

Our panthers follow the holistic viewpoint and prepare your project with a clear vision in mind.

Client-first Mindset
Client-first Mindset

Putting you and your aspirations at heart, our JavaScript developers operate with a client-first mindset.

100% Active Communication
100% Active Communication

From discussion to final delivery, our developers are ever-ready to answer your queries & clarify your doubts.

Real-time Project Insights
Real-time Project Insights

It's your project, and you deserve to monitor every bit of it. Thus, our developers provide you with real-time project insights with state-of-the-art monitoring tools.

Completely Against Unfair Pricing
Completely Against Unfair Pricing

We believe in fair pricing and providing maximum value for your money. So, we offer robust and scalable software solutions at an affordable budget.

Promised Satisfaction
Promised Satisfaction

We provide a 100% guarantee and a 60-day redressal period; No questions asked, we will resolve any unidentified issue with our solution.