Our CRM Development Services

CRM software uses an integrated approach to store customer's information. It connects all the data from your sales leads and customers in one place. Therefore, our CRM developers merge multiple data oriented technologies such as NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, and ExpressJS to automate your customer interactions, power business intelligence, and smoothen your sales through our CRM development services.

Custom CRM Development

Custom CRM

After understanding your business environment and audience, our CRM developers use MongoDB for storing big data in JSON style and NodeJS for its quick data processing via the V8 engine. Through this, they offer custom CRM development that operates on the same frequency your business is.

CRM Modules Development

CRM Modules

Sencha Ext JS comprises 140 above high-performing UI components. Our CRM developers use them to accelerate their CRM module development process, and integrate practical modules that manage your leads, automate workflow, supercharge marketing campaigns, and assist in content creation.

Custom CRM Analytics Solutions

CRM Analytics-Software

An analytics software works with data mining and pattern recognition. Thus, our developers use popular libraries like React-vis & Recharts to develop custom CRM analytics software, which improves your growth strategies & mitigates anticipated risks based on collected data.

CRM Migration Services

CRM Migration

Businesses often try to migrate their CRM & ERP software to a better framework and eventually lose pivotal data by falling into amateur traps. To avoid every similar possibility, you can hire CRM developers from us. Our experienced team smoothly migrates your CRM to the desired framework without any data or functionality loss.

CRM Cloud Solutions

CRM Cloud

NodeJS handles multiple requests asynchronously with a non-blocking single-threaded event loop. Our developers use it to deliver server-less cloud CRM solutions that allow data manipulation without buffering, and that too from anywhere with high security & better operational costs.

CRM Support & Maintenance

CRM Support & Maintenance

JS Panther has been delivering CRM support & maintenance services for a while now. Our developers are market professionals with broad expertise in fixing any routine or complex CRM to the last. Whether optimization, consultancy, integration, or stabilization, we have true CRM maintenance experts for all your needs.

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Why choose custom CRM solutions
for your next project?

A notable extent of companies using custom CRM solutions have reported it a game-changer for their businesses. Besides, as per Nucleus's recent search report, 65% of companies successfully achieve their sales quota through CRM. Unlike pre-packaged software, a custom CRM development brings you the exact features you've desired. It is structured to your business's nature and instructed to operate as its shadow. A tailored CRM can also be modified and scaled as per your needs. It helps you automate nearly every tedious work such as sales reports, customer support, billing & accounting, etc. For any doubt still left in your mind, you should know that the world's leading brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Activision, etc., use CRM to enhance their productivity.

Technologies and Tools

Why choose JS Panther for custom CRM development?

JS Panther comprises a team of dedicated CRM developers who've produced diverse CRM solutions right from scratch. With shrewd skills & JavaScript knowledge, check out below what else makes them unique from others:-

Agile Development Approach

Agile Development Approach

By breaking the project into manageable chunks, our panthers follow agile development methodology.

Barrier-Free Client Engagement

Barrier-Free Client Engagement

Through active communication & transparency, our developers always stay up for your instant suggestions.  

CRM Mobile App Development Experts

CRM Mobile App Development Experts

Our panthers will make you able to control & manage your CRM software remotely through its mobile control app.

Bug-Free Sprints

Bug-Free Sprints

Our Sr. Developers simultaneously monitor the code to eliminate every bug or error right at the point where it emerges.

Fresh & Untapped Strategies

Fresh & Untapped Strategies

Our panthers stay hungry for what's new in the market and consistently bring in new strategies for your projects.

Easy Integration

Seamless Integrations

We have qualified JavaScript experts. They are trained to integrate even the most complex CRMs smoothly into your business.