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I’ve worked with JS Panther for over a year and have had nothing but great service. Every request was dealt in a timely and efficient manner.


Web App


Data Security

Tach Stack
  • ReactJs

  • Swift

  • Kotlin


Data Send offers a straightforward solution to send large files where they are needed and when they are needed. The Data Send UK service lets you securely and safely transfer files of different sizes. We have created a virtual data room as an online storage to share confidential information safely. With this repository, numerous people can access confidential documents anytime, anywhere.

Sending large files or confidential data is made simpler with Data Send as it uses high-grade encryption in transit and storage. Moreover, no special programs or software are required as only a web browser is necessary. Sending and receiving files with Data Send is straightforward. All it takes is three easy steps: browsing to select the file, uploading to our servers, and sending a notification email for the recipient to download the file.

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What were the Challenges

Crafting the data security project posed an intricate challenge; nevertheless, the team managed to identify and integrate a secure protocol by thoroughly exploring all potential scenarios.

Faced with the challenge of staying on track with the project’s timeline, the team efficiently aligned their schedules in order to achieve success.

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Key features and Technical Bits of the project

  • 01

    Website Redesign and Development

  • 02

    React Query Implementation

  • 03

    Native IOS and Android APP (Swift & Kotlin)

  • 04

    Backend API development

  • 05

    Support & Maintenance

How Did We Operate?

Data Send is a market-leading provider of secure data management solutions. Their virtual data room is designed to streamline the control, sharing, and tracking of confidential documents, available for access anywhere in the world.

Our Panthers were tasked to revamp and build the client’s website from the ground up. Moreover, documents are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure the highest levels of security. A detailed audit trail for complete transparency accompanies every action.

The Data Send client was seeking a website revamp, as well as React Query implementation, a Pause/Resume feature for large file uploads, the latest version of Nextjs, and backend API engineering utilizing the Slim framework. Furthermore, the client wanted ongoing maintenance and support. JS Panther experts delivered the project on schedule, much to the client’s delight.

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Collaborating with our clients to provide such innovative solutions was a privilege. We were thrilled to utilize our team’s expertise to tackle the complexities of the project and reach a satisfactory conclusion. As we continue our endeavors in this field, we look forward to more such collaborations with our client at Data Send.