Our Manufacturing Software Development Services

At JS Panther, we power manufacturing organizations with custom software solutions that seamlessly adapt to their standard production and delivery processes. We develop smart manufacturing software applications that automate processes & supply chain management, improve communication across departments, and cut down operational costs.

Production Planning
& Reporting Solution

Manufacturing software solutions focussing on production cycles modernize operations, improve scheduling & offer insights for strategic planning.

Integration into
Manufacturing Software Solutions

Our proficient developers can integrate several third-party solutions, tools, and APIs for data mining, modeling, etc., focusing on improving ERP software for the manufacturing industry.

Order & Inventory
Management Software

Leverage custom-built ERP manufacturing software with advanced inventory management systems tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliverables.

Behavior Analysis

Provide your clients with personalized experiences with AI & ML-powered manufacturing ERP software applications analyzing users' interactions with products and services.

Need a Developer? Leverage Quick Hiring Process

Our team of dedicated developers has hands-on experience in developing ERP manufacturing software for different industries. We leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to build future-proof software applications that keep you ahead in the race for emerging technological solutions.


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We are a Trusted System Integrator for Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions

Manufacturing companies require industry-specific solutions to complete automation of critical workflows, boost asset lifespan, and minimize costs and risks. With several years of experience providing ERP software for manufacturing companies, we can customize & aggregate various critical features for the smooth performance of software applications.

Manufacturing Software Development
Manufacturing Software Development

Depending on the latest requirements, we can integrate AI, ML, APIs, and various third-party solutions for improving the company's accounting, CRM, BI, and other processes.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Let us build or improve your manufacturing execution solution with operational excellence, minimized downtime, following regulations & optimizing production.

MRP Manufacturing Software
MRP Manufacturing Software

At JS Panther, we can build MRP systems with optimum inventory controls, smart integrations for purchase & production planning, reporting costs, & improving capacity management.

ERP Manufacturing Software
ERP Manufacturing Software

We can upgrade ERP software for the manufacturing industry with greater adaptability toward key operations and strategic decision-making with up-to-date AI, ML, IoT, and smart integrations.

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JS Panther has been our trusted service partner for several years. They have a good team and have helped us achieve good results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we develop custom manufacturing software solutions?

    For building any manufacturing software solution, we proceed in the following way:

    • Discovery - We analyze the project scope, learn about specific processes, perform risk assessments, and create a detailed roadmap for the deliverables of the manufacturing software and integration project.
    • Design - Our UI/UX designers and frontend engineers coordinate to build immersive graphical user interfaces that are easy to use, produce smooth page transitions, and offer intuitive access to various functional features. We proceed with coding once the manufacturing development company approves the design.
    • Code Development - The team goes agile for developing the code and deploys deliverables in two to four weeks of iterations with the Scrum methodology.
    • QA & Testing - We perform standard QA with various tests like penetration testing, performance, usability, and functional testing of the major release and software as a whole.
    • Launch & Maintenance - Once you are satisfied with the product performance, we launch and transfer the rights of the code. In case there's any issue with the delivered solution, we are there to fix it for zero additional charges for up to 60 days.
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  • How can I monitor the progress of the manufacturing ERP software project?
  • What different types of software systems are used by the manufacturing industry?

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