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I’ve worked with many software development agencies in the past, and JS Panther certainly shines above the rest. They provided valuable knowledge and were able to resolve my development requirements.


Website Widget Development


Employment Industry

Tach Stack
  • React.JS

  • Axios

  • Saas

  • Material UI


Refari is an online platform. It provides a range of digital tools for recruiters and recruitment agencies. The job board on this platform is very useful, making it easier for anyone to hire relevant talent.

Finding the right professional for a job can be difficult for organizations. It can take a lot of time and effort. Refari makes it easier for companies to find the best people by providing an advanced recruitment widget and tools.

The client was having some trouble with their website widget, so they turned to JS Panther for help. Our team of JavaScript professionals redesigned the widget’s architecture for better performance.

This widget provides tools to find suitable candidates, shortlist them, and automate the recruitment process. Our developers were asked to fix the bugs in the ‘Referrals’ feature in the admin dashboard, along with several other integration and modifications.

We used JavaScript, AXIOS, Konva, React Hooks, Material UI, and Context API to complete the job and meet all the requirements on time. This ensured a smooth working experience for Refari.

What Were The Challenges?

Refari was an exciting project for the team. We had a great experience working on it. It was good to collaborate with Refari’s in-house backend developer and work as an extended team of JavaScript professionals.

Though the project was clear and smooth, we did have a small challenge. The socialization of custom templates using canvas is one of the most significant features of this project.

Our team faced some difficulty to render the GIF image over the canvas and extract its frames. Nevertheless, we did it, thanks to our senior JavaScript experts.

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Key Features and Technical Bits of the Project- 'Refari'

"Modern problems require modern solutions" - The ideology we followed during this project.

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    Multiple Integrations

  • 02

    Referral Technology

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  • 04

    Marketing & Acquisition

How did we operate?

As always, the first phase was planning. It took two front-end engineers from JS Panther and one backend engineer from Refari’s team to develop the project. We all connected on a professional team call to discuss the project requirements. Next, we made a defined roadmap and blueprint for sharing everything with the client and collecting their approval. The whole team of stakeholders analyzed the project development scope.

The second phase was development. We started coding the project. Post that, our engineers started writing test cases using the JEST framework. It helps us detect problems in the early stages of development. The last and final phase was deployment. We used advanced tools and methods to test the code and all functionalities. Provided the client with hands-on experience to know their satisfaction before we distributed the final output into a production environment.

Responsive view


Our developer’s team successfully eliminated the bugs from their existing referrals section of the employment platform. As per demands, the new referral technology allows end users to refer to a professional’s profile on the forum. We designed the advanced filters to enable precision in terms of job category, location, and work type. Our adept team performed Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn integration for better job searches over the platform.