Our Mission

Our Mission

Due to so many inexperienced developers portraying them as masters, companies often make wrong recruitments and make their future fall on the face. JS Panther aims to provide you actual JavaScript engineers, masters of their particular domain, and nothing else. So that you can unleash maximum potential, expect utmost precision, and witness calculable business growth.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We envision being the core JavaScript specialists about whom companies, colleagues, entrepreneurs, and businesses can get their hopes up. To become an agency that anybody can rely upon without reconsidering their expectations, secrets, goals, and budget. An associate provider that caters to every brand, whether SME or multinational, irrespective of their size with 100% equality & transparency.

Why is our process unique?

Obsolete practices don't suit our ethics. We believe in standing out with a clean & customer-centric approach.


Self-pick from our in-house
developers' team

  • Match our developers' skills with your project's requirements.
  • Interview them, screen them, and feel free to feed your satisfaction.
  • Discuss your requirements and budget to get FREE expert consultation & ETA.

Experience dedicated attention
& active communications

  • Our developer will be entirely devoted to your project only.
  • They will be 100% active for quick communication & unplanned discussions.
  • You will receive real-time project insights & an up-to-date reporting sheet from them.

On-time delivery and post-project

  • We will provide you on-time delivery with no delays & time-wasting.
  • You can request total support anytime, even after your project is delivered.
  • You can assign the same developers for further project requirements & needs.

Our Pricing Model

Each business has its separate journey, goals, vision, and challenges. Therefore, from full-time to part-time to on-demand, we provide accurate pricing models that suit your preferences.

  • Hiring Model
  • Man Hours Man-Hours:
  • communication Communication:
  • Billing Billing:

Which approach is perfect for your project?

Sometimes it is intricate to analyze the benefits you are receiving on your investment. Here's why, to ease out your decision-making, we have prepared two hiring models.

Dedicated Team Model

This model is best suited for businesses dealing with large-scale and ongoing projects. It offers you a flexible payment option with a month-long contract to access technical expertise, infrastructure, and execution abilities. Its core specialties include:-

  • Monthly bills with zero hidden costs.
  • Up to 160 hours of guaranteed production each month.
  • Free setups.
  • Flexibility to pay as per the work's volume.

Fixed Price Model

This model is best suited for businesses with finalized & well-defined project models. It asks you to pay a transparent & fixed amount for a designated number of tasks. Its core specialties are:-

  • Know what and how much exactly you are getting upfront.
  • Your payment can be split and paid into milestones.
  • No alterations in pricing unless you request for a service or change.
  • Flexibility to upgrade or cancel your plan anytime.

Our Latest Updates

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