Our Web Application Development Services

Web App development is an extended process that includes planning, market research, prototyping, framework/technology selection, strategic execution, etc. Therefore, we appoint only qualified web app developers for your project. Our team brings the best of JavaScript frameworks, libraries, databases, & toolkits into action to result in impactful front-end, back-end & full-stack solutions through our web app development services.

Custom E-commerce Solutions

Custom E-commerce

Either by handpicking frameworks or going full-stack viz MEAN or MERN, our web app developers offer 100% custom eCommerce solutions. With the latest technology and mobile-first UX, you'll be able to scale, upgrade & deliver your target audience a more personalized user experience.

Client Portals and Enterprise Systems

Client Portals and
Enterprise Systems

Both client portal & an enterprise software needs to work on an excessive amount of data. Hence, our developers use ReactJS for its atomic front-end performance and NodeJS for its non-blocking server in the back-end to create buffer-free software that enhances your workflow productivity with intelligent cost management.

SPA Development & Integration

SPA Development & Integration

Our web app developers use AngularJS in SPA development because of its JSON-based processing & rendering capabilities. It helps them create dynamic SPAs that don't reload the entire page's content & speedily perform on the client-side, eventually improving your visitors' traffic, conversion rate & SEO results.

Supply Chain Management Web Apps

Supply Chain Management
Web Apps

An SCM web app requires firm control over data to function optimally. So, our web app developers use VueJS for an interactive interface and integrate MongoDB for easy load balancing of data to create efficient SCM web apps that mitigate logistic errors, reduce overheads, and improve holistic cash flow.

Healthcare Web App Development

Healthcare Web App

NodeJS handles multiple requests asynchronously with a non-blocking single-threaded event loop. It helps our developers build responsive healthcare web apps that automate tedious tasks, improves efficiency, and bridge the unseen gaps between patients & healthcare professionals.

Analytics Web App Development

Analytics Web App

An analytics software works with data mining and pattern recognition. Thus, our developers use popular libraries like Recharts & React-vis to develop analytics web apps, which improve your growth strategies & reduce anticipated risks based on collected data.

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Why choose custom web applications
for your next project?

Adobe confirms that 88% of online consumers are less likely to revisit your site if they don't receive a personalized user experience. This explains why more & more companies are inclining towards custom web app solutions. Customization allows you to showcase your services & products with your unique brand voice. Being low in maintenance & robust in security, custom web apps are also scalable with time, requirements & the nature of your business. Moreover, today's custom web app developers have become so advanced. You can request AI-based solutions from them, which will automate monotonous tasks in your business and raise its productivity. Among 75% of online businesses, some famous custom web app development examples are Uber, Zomato, Apple Health, etc.

Technologies and Tools

  • React.js


  • Vue.js


  • Angular.js


  • Javascript


  • Ajax


  • HTML5


Why choose JS Panther for Web App Development?

JS Panther is a team of true JavaScript experts and no split-focused amateurs. With a firm grip over grossing frameworks & technologies, Web App Development is one of our expertise. Check out below; what else persuades people to choose us apart from our proficiency in web app development.

Qualified IT Experts
Qualified IT Experts

Necessary certifications & industrial experience have made our panthers qualified experts of demanding JavaScript technologies.

Technical Security Assurance
Technical Security Assurance

With updated firewalls and robust security modules, our panthers assure risk-free project development.

Agile Development Approach
Agile Development Approach

We break each project into manageable chunks and operate with 100% transparency following the agile development approach.

Client Engagement
Client Engagement

Through active communication modes, our developers always stay ready to engage with your requests.

Top-Notch QA Team
Top-Notch QA Team

Our sharp-eyed QA analysts never let a bug or error pass through their vision before final project deployment

Cost Saving
Cost Saving

JS Panther uses cost-efficient frameworks & toolkits that never go monetary hard on us & our clients, thus always result in cost saving.