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Fitness Industry & eCommerce

Tach Stack
  • Node.js

  • Express.js

  • MongoDB

  • PayPal


Fitness should be one’s topmost priority, and what’s better than having a website that poses challenges and rewards you for the same?

The idea struck one of our clients, who approached us for a website that conducts a monthly challenge league where people can participate and post scores once they are done. If an individual wishes to compete for top prizes, they must submit a video to prove their score. 

People/users are categorized into three types depending on their abilities, and prizes are distributed to the top athletes in each division monthly. Additionally, they were also looking for an eCommerce cart over the site. The client wanted to sell several fitness-based products and services via their website. 

Our adept developers used JavaScript technology to build the website and powered it with Node.js V8 engine for high performance. As they had a mixed database, we deployed MongoDB for seamless performance over the web. We also integrated the PayPal Payment gateway for handling eCommerce transactions over the site.

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What Were The Challenges?

It was a simple website development project, but they also wanted to have in-built ecommerce features. After in-depth research and analysis, we decided to go with Node.js and MongoDB. 

Node.js proves helpful with excellent speed performance and is used in leading platforms like Netflix and Uber. To provide scalability with large sets of extensive data, our team went with MongoDB.

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Technical Bits of the Project - Rise2Challenge

"Modern problems require modern solutions" - The ideology we followed during this project.

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  • 02

    Embedded Javascript Templating

  • 03

    Payment Gateway Integration

  • 04

    Social Media Integrations

  • 05

    Docker Installation

How Did We Operate?

We laid out a detailed road map for developing the website and completed the entire project in a few weeks. First, we finalize the features of the website. Then the web designing team developed several pages with screen flows. Once the blueprint was ready, we forwarded it to the clients for approval.

The clients were happy with the web design, and we developed the final product. As per their demand, we provided the client with a Basecamp project management tool. Via Basecamp, they were able to monitor the project 24/7 from anywhere. This ensured seamless communication between our development team and the clients.

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The easy-to-use website allows the admin to post new challenges easily. People participating in the different challenges can easily update their scores and videos. The site also offers secured and easy checkout for people buying products and services from the site. The Rise2Challenge site is a unique platform and is used by fitness enthusiasts across the globe.