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At JS Panther, we help healthcare organizations tackle IT challenges with modern technology tools and seamless software solutions. Whether you want to create electronic health records, streamline healthcare workflows, or nurture end-to-end healthcare applications, we have the right experts to help.

App Development

As a healthcare software development company, we create diverse mHealth apps to automate processes, EHRs, deliver improved patient care, etc.

Software Development

Create HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software that allows contactless treatments, connecting patients with doctors with seamless user interfaces.

Healthcare Software

Leverage custom software development in healthcare for building modern web & mobile apps that follow HIPAA, HL7, and FHIR compliance for improved performance.

Healthcare Software

Experience IoT-powered software development for healthcare industries using smart sensors for storing patient records & monitoring them for medical professionals.

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At JS Panther, we have healthcare software developers with proven expertise in building interactive websites and user-friendly mobile apps. You can hire healthcare software developer from our team in five simple steps.


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We are a Trusted System Integrator for Healthcare Solutions

If your healthcare company has various digital solutions, we can be your ideal partner for system integration. We ensure seamless data sharing and connections across your different digital platforms by leveraging best practices for APIs, integration testing, interoperability & more.

Medical Billing Software
Medical Billing Software

Upgrade your decision-making with smooth data transfer from your medical billing software application to different healthcare apps.

Medical Inventory Software
Medical Inventory Software

Experience an all-in-one app for securing and tracking healthcare medications, tools, and more with world-class medical inventory software solutions.

Healthcare CRM Software
Healthcare CRM Software

Let JS Panther experts upgrade your CRM software for smooth interoperability and data sharing between patients and medical professionals advocating personalized care.

Hospital Management Software
Hospital Management Software

Capitalize on our expertise for advanced hospital management software handling personalized schedules, appointments, & more with HIPAA & other regulatory compliances.

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JS Panther has been our trusted service partner for several years. They have a good team and have helped us achieve good results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does mobile healthcare application development cost?

    Developing custom software solutions for the healthcare industry, requires insights in various aspects to give the right quote for the project. It also depends upon what we are building, like whether we are trying to develop a medical practice management software, an on-demand mobile app, medical billing software, etc.

    Healthcare software development companies can give the right quote after knowing the following the following:

    • Whether it will be a native application or a cross-platform app
    • Various features that would entail
    • Integration of patient data & other data security features required
    • Additional features that must be integrated into the app
  • Which is the best platform for developing healthcare applications?
  • Do you provide HIPAA compliance?
  • Do you provide custom healthcare software development?

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