Our Single Page App Development Services

Keeping HTML & CSS as allies, our Single Page App development services are driven by AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, MeteorJS, BackboneJS & NodeJS (for backend) as core tools. We are industry experienced JavaScript developers who help entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses to make their digital presence faster, stronger, and better through our Single Page App Development services.

Resource Management Solutions

Resource Management

Our developers advantage from React's Virtual DOM & component-based architecture for easy distribution of load at both client's & server-side. It helps them build intelligent resource management solutions for your organization to schedule, utilize, forecast, and plan your sources more efficiently.

Document Workflow Automation Solutions

Document Workflow
Automation Solutions

MeteorJS operates at data on wire principle, which imports data from the server instead of HTML. Blending it with NodeJS helps our developers build an agile & simplified Document Workflow Automator that ends tedious work, allows quick doc exchange, workflow tracking, & extra transparency for positive work culture.

Recruitment Platform Development

Recruitment Platform

MVC-based library BackboneJS offers 100 above useful tools. Our developers use some of them viz - Models, Events & Routers to develop a precise & clean Recruitment Platform that improves your recruiter's productivity by ending monotony, attracting suitable candidates, automating onboarding, and working actively 24x7.

Analytical Platform Development

Analytical Platform

The likes of the two-way data binding paradigm have made EmberJS our developers' choice. Its handlebar templates that automatically update the data with very minimal coding help our team build a dynamic Analytical Platform to support your business in price optimization, intelligent decision making, effective marketing & fraud detecting.

Staff Augmentation


The recent release of Vue CLI 3 has brought significant advantages to us. Its support for Babel & Typescript for end-to-end testing & rapid debugging assists our developers in the fast development of the Staff Augmentation app that raises your operational efficiency & brings your business a step closer to innovative talent.

Ecommerce System Development

Ecommerce System

AngularJS's declarative nature, HTML-based UI, and POJO model are core reasons our developers opt it for developing SEO-friendly SPAs. It builds responsive & mobile-first Ecommerce system that help businesses tap new & international markets, acquire insights into their audience's behavior and experience a holistic surge in the company's revenue.

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Why choose SPA solutions for your next project?

Agility is one of the master keys to unlock success in today's digital world. Google confirms that your website has 3 seconds only to get a visitor on board. Considering this, businesses worldwide started taking Single Page Applications as a viable solution to this challenge. SPAs uses light-weight HTML, CSS & JavaScript resources to perform atomically. Not only does it consume less bandwidth, but it also handles huge traffic without a stretch. Besides performing both web & mobile-friendly, developing SPAs don't cost much capital. Over 73% of top-grossing companies have hired Single Page App developers, including Facebook, PayPal, Flipkart, and BMW.

Technologies and Tools

We've completed a lot of awesome projects

Our work is a reflection of our skills, and we are proud of our portfolio.

Why choose JS Panther for SPA Development?

JS Panther is one of those limited agencies with core JavaScript engineers. Our AngularJS & ReactJS SPA developers are proven experienced in following a client-centric mindset & a no-nonsense approach.

Extensive Experience in SPA's

Extensive Experience in SPA's

Above 7 years of experience in front-end development makes our panthers raw SPA development artists.

Qualified IT Specialists

Qualified IT Specialists

JS Panther doesn't follow a typical recruitment process. Our tests, screening & interviews ensure we hire specialists only.

SEO Friendly Single Page Apps

SEO-Friendly Single Page Apps

Though it isn't easy to make SPAs SEO friendly, our team has both SEO & digital marketing experts to take care of that.

Security Adherence Development

Security Adherence Development

Our panthers understand the privacy & dignity of your project. Thus, we never go lite while implementing security measures for secure development.

Top-Notch QA Team

Top-Notch QA Team

Our sharp-eyed QA analysts never let a bug or error pass through them before final project deployment.

Cost Saving

Fair Pricing

JS Panther uses cost-efficient frameworks & toolkits that never go monetary hard on us & our clients, hence always result in reasonable costing.