Early Access

Revolutionizing how the blockchain views premiere memberships

Early Access Pass is an NFT collection platform where users’ passes are individualized keys. Users can use the pass as tickets to entry for both on the chain and off the chain. The company sought someone to develop their site and update integrations per the latest trends.

We developed the Web3-compatible NFT platform for Early Access. Our skilled developers also created a wishlist for marketing purposes by integrating email, wallet ID, and distinct proof of Twitter followers.

  • Css

  • Html

  • Javascript

  • NodeJs


A website to post monthly fitness challenges

Rise2Challenge is a JavaScript-based website that lets fitness enthusiasts participate in various challenges. The website posts monthly challenges, and people can participate and post scores to win prizes. Additionally, the platform also sells fitness-based products to consumers.

The client turned to JS Panther to build this unique business idea. Our dedicated team transformed their idea into a user-friendly website. We also integrated an eCommerce cart that lets website users easily shop for various products.

  • Node.js

  • Express.js

  • MongoDB

  • PayPal