A renowned dermo-cosmetics organisation

Clients Review

Great company to work with, all work completed has been done with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. It was very convenient to contact their developers and get a resolution.

Web App



Tach Stack
  • React Native

  • Redux Firebase

  • Laravel

  • Axios


Ceuticoz is a highly reputable and esteemed brand that produces top-quality dermo-cosmetic products that healthcare professionals recommend. The extensive range of products is designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals seeking practical solutions for their face, body, scalp, and hair.

Ceuticoz understands the importance of providing comprehensive information about its products to dermatologists, skin aestheticians, and other skincare professionals. This is why we have developed the Ceuticoz App. This all-in-one platform offers in-depth product information in an easy-to-use interface that supports various media formats.

Additionally, With our My-Workspace feature, professionals can create customized pitch presentations highlighting the products’ features and benefits to their clients.

Careful consideration was done when choosing the necessary technologies to ensure the highest level of productivity and successful realization of the goal. The final result was even better than the client had hoped for.

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What Were The Challenges?

After finding that React Native was integral to the project’s success, our panthers recruited the most knowledgeable native app developers to manage it.

Adhering to the tight deadlines posed a challenge for the team, yet they effectively collaborated with the partner to keep up with the App schedule.

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Key features and Technical Bits of the project

"Modern problems require modern solutions" - The ideology we followed during this project.

  • 01

    Push Notification Installation

  • 02


  • 03

    Fire Base Implementation

  • 04

    Redux for State Management

  • 05

    API Integration

How Did We Operate?

Ceuticoz is an esteemed leader in the dermo-cosmetics industry, having received approval from many healthcare professionals. The platform provides a selection of items ranging from face to body to scalp and hair care. Moreover, they have developed the Ceuticoz App to help further guide skin care specialists.

At JS Panther, the client got in touch with us to build a React Native app from the ground up. Our development included both front-end and back-end elements and an offline mode for added convenience. With a simple, intuitive UI and support for different media formats, it features the My-Workspace option, which permits the customization of pitch presentations. To top it off, the client asked us to add feedback and order forms, which we accomplished within the planned timeframe. Working with this client was a privilege.

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We are delighted to collaborate with this client to create innovative and proactive solutions that will influence the direction of the industry. Our team’s aptitude for comprehending project intricacies and delivering satisfactory outcomes was well-received by our clients. We are excited about the prospect of forging more partnerships like this.