Time Tracker

A web based time tracking service


Isn’t it a great habit to track time consumed by you and your employees in doing a particular task?

Well, we definitely think it is and went on to develop a desktop as well as a web application to track the time spent by the users (who are logged in) on various projects and capture screenshots at fixed intervals. Further, not just the tasks are tracked but the time when the system remains ideal is also kept into consideration. In addition to this, the admin panel can be used to manage the employees’ timesheet.

The best part: The timer/clock starts as soon as the device is unlocked.


Technical Bits

  • React.js using Redux
  • Node.js using Express.js framework
  • Express JWT Authentication
  • Electron JS (for cross-platform desktop application)
  • Logging using Winston
  • MongoDB

Expertise Delivered

Frontend Backend