10 Best Node.js IDEs for Flawless Application Development in 2024

December 7, 2023
nodejs IDE

Server-side development plays a vital role in the proper functioning of websites and apps. Web developers need to use optimum code debugging and editing tools to create code free from errors. 

IDEs provide developers with comprehensive software for building the application. Node.js IDEs can help develop the application in less time and create an optimized, accurate code that offers optimum performance. 

There are several Node.js IDEs available in the market. Choosing the best IDEs can help you streamline coding operations and run the project smoothly.

But do you Know! 

What is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment)?

IDEs or Integrated Development Environments are simple software applications that provide developers with comprehensive facilities for building the project code. Packed in a single software unit, they contain various viable sections like code editor, compiler, debugger, automation tool, etc.

What are the Major Functions of an IDE?

IDEs are indispensable in all custom software development projects. They help with various aspects of the backend development of the project. 

The primary functions of the IDE are: 

  • It helps with syntax highlighting by recognizing the symbols and keywords, which improves the code’s readability.
  • They offer text autocompletion, which helps quickly create the application code and saves time.
  • Provides the refactoring option that helps to simplify complex code, eliminate dependencies, and fix bugs.
  • Using IDEs, developers can easily import libraries to the application code, saving project development time.
  • IDE also offers scope for testing, debugging, handling dependencies, and using version control systems


Here are the 10 Node.js IDEs Ideal for Web Development Projects

  1. Visual Studio Code

When discussing the best NodeJS IDEs, Visual Studio Code ranks first in the list. It is simply a lightweight and robust code editor deployed by Microsoft. The code editor is entirely open-source and has built-in support for JavaScript and Node.js server runtime environments. It runs on all major operating systems like MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The Visual Studio Code is also compatible with other programming languages like Python, Java, PHP, etc.


  • Support for debugging
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Intelligent code completion
  • Snippet
  • Code refactoring
  • Embedded Git
  1. IntelliJ Idea

The IntelliJ Idea allows developers to stay focussed on the development life cycle workflow. It has several advanced features and is an ideal editor for JavaScript, Nodejs, Angular JS, React, based applications. Various companies use the IntelliJ Idea tool for handling maintenance projects. Software maintenance and support services can help you stay ahead.  


  • AI Service 
  • AI Assistant 
  • Augmented developer environments 
  • Tools for C/C++ development 
  • Big Data and Data Science tools
  • Detecting Duplicates
  • Inspection & quick fixes 
  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an advanced source code editor and IDE for the Node.JS technology. It comes with several modern features like options to quickly switch between projects, split editing, etc. It also comes with multiple selection options that help manipulate files faster, maximizing performance. The powerful online code editor also lets you customize everything with simple JSON files. 


  • In-editor code building
  • Panels, groups, and screen modes
  • Column selection
  • Multi-select editing
  • Auto-completion
  • Syntax highlight
  • High-contrast display.
  1. Cloud 9 

Cloud 9 is one of the most popular Node.js IDEs among global web developers. It is rapidly used for building cloud-based software application development projects, JS development, PHP projects, etc. With Cloud 9, you can use a live preview of applications via the key-binding editor.


  • Browser-based inbuilt editor 
  • Several running configurations
  • Integrated debugger for the software code
  • Assists with serverless development
  • In-built terminal
  • File revision history
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  1. Web Storm

Web Storm is a renowned JavaScript IDE design and developed by JetBrains. It comes with impeccable intelligent coding assistance and provides several modern features like seamless error detection, code refactoring & completion, etc. This helps with the rapid server-side development of the Node.js project. 


  • Intelligent code editing
  • Code search
  • Code inspections
  • Built-in refactoring
  • Version control integrations
  1. Eclipse

Platform UI (user interface) provides the basic building blocks necessary for creating the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is an open-source, cloud-based IDE code editor often deployed in building Node.js projects. The editor is completely free to use and comes with standard features like source code generation, automatic building, code refactoring, etc. A simple integration employs the code editor.

best nodejs IDE


  • Code Development
  • Code Editing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Debugging
  • Data Modeling
  • Deployment Management
  1. Gitpod

It is an open-source NodeJS IDE using the VS code as its editor. This IDE provides robust support for npm (node packaging manager) and Node.js technology. It is compatible with both JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages and allows developers to make necessary code changes easily.


  • Quick access to all root files
  • Prebuilt & Automated workspaces 
  • Accessible snapshots of ideas 
  • Support from GitHub, GitLab, and bitbucket integration
  • Provides two editors, namely Theia and Code
  1. Komodo IDE

When looking for an all-inclusive, fully-featured Node.js IDE, you can trust Komodo IDE. The mighty multi-language IDE works for several programming languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, CSS, etc. The integrated development environment offers several standard features for the smooth development of a high-performing Node JS application.


  • Multi-user editing 
  • Customizable UI
  • Autocomplete feature
  • Split view and multi-window feature
  • Advanced refactoring 
  • Debugging tools
  1. Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a modern Node.js IDE focusing on the developer Workspace server and a cloud-based environment. It is ideal for building large-scale projects involving multiple users simultaneously working on the code. Additionally, it is a browser-based ID, which eliminates the limitations of a software platform.


  • Code recommenders’ tools
  • Allos swapping IDEs rapidly with the same code
  • Git integration
  • Restful API servers
  • Seamless assembly development
  • Refactoring feature
  1. Koding

Koding comes with a refreshing take on Node.js IDEs and is based on Cloud. The open-source IDE offers a developer interface, and it is compatible with popular scripting languages like JavaScript, MySQL, and Ruby. It powers the developer to create the code in the browser and deploy the app to Heroku automatically. This makes it one of the reliable resources for the Node JS application development process.


  • Cloud users support
  • Seamless local development environments
  • Flexible IDE
  • Automatic scaling
  • Multiple virtual machine deployment
  • Zero hardware restrictions
  • Common developer tools

Wrapping Up

When you hire Node JS developer, looking for their expertise in some of the above-listed IDEs is essential. The best IDEs help you save time, cost, and effort in building small and large-scale projects.

At JS Panther, our expert developers choose the best Node js IDEs, programming language, and overall technology stack for the project after weighing your requirements.

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