Tips for Hiring Top Node.js Developers: A Guide for Managers & Business Owners

August 3, 2023

With a powerful V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js has become a preferred runtime server environment for every other application development project. Global companies like Netflix, PayPal, and Uber have switched their technology stack to Node.js. 

As such, Node.js developers are in high demand, and companies worldwide are looking for skilled experts in this runtime environment. This post discusses how to hire Node.js developers for web & mobile app development projects.

First things first, before we divulge into details, it is essential that you have a clear and well-defined knowledge of what you are looking for and your expectations. 

Define Your Goals

It does not make sense to hire a senior Node.js developer when the task requires a basic understanding of Node.js. It only leads to unnecessary higher costs. Similarly, a novice Node.js developer cannot deliver a complex application.

A junior Node.js developer may have a few months or a year of experience with web development projects. In contrast, mid-level programmers have over three years of experience working with Node.js.

You must also be clear about whether you want the developer to handle the project alone or whether he/she needs to be a team player. Also, look for good soft skills, as it helps you communicate ideas and business logic smoothly for the web app development project.

Who is a Node.js developer?

A software programmer specializing in the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment is a Node.js developer. They can create server-side applications for a centralized database and integrate the front end for proper application functioning.

Node JS programmers are JavaScript experts who work closely with the project head and business manager/owner. Their standard responsibilities include:

  • Handling various network applications
  • Creating server-side modules or components
  • Good expertise in databases like MySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB, etc
  • Managing the central database
  • Collaborating with frontend developers

Per a StackOverflow Report 2019, Node.js is among the top-paying technologies worldwide.  

As much as 45% of Node.js developers lie in the age group between 25-35 years old. So, businesses can have youth handling their web development projects. 

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Expertise & Responsibilities of Node.js Developers – Based on Seniority Level

Node.js developers handle various simple and complex tasks involving the project’s frontend and backend development. Based on the level of seniority, they have diverse expertise in different technology stacks and can deliver specific responsibilities.

The table below depicts the technical knowledge and tasks of different Node JS developers.

Developer Expertise

Must-Have Technical Knowledge

Responsibilities Delivered

Junior Node.js Developers 

  • Experience from a few months to up to a year.
  • Hiring cost falls between $20-$30 per hour.

A junior Node software developer must be proficient in the following: 

  • Node.js
  • Node Package Manager
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

They are well-versed in delivering the following aspects of the development process 

  • Integrating UI components from the front end
  • Creating reusable code
  • Troubleshooting code errors
  • Designing applications
  • Integrating data storage solutions

Middle Node.js Developers

  • Experience of up to 2 years.
  • Hiring cost falls between $30-$50 per hour.

Mid-level experts of Node are well-versed in the following technologies:

  • Node.js
  • Node Package Manager
  • JavaScript & Python/PHP or other programming languages
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Knowledge of TypeScript or CoffeeScript
  • REST paradigm knowledge
  • Can work with MySQL/PostgreSQL, Docker, and AWS

 Apart from what juniors can do, mid-level experts can also handle the following aspects of JS development:

  • Code complex web apps
  • Create modules and libraries from scratch
  • Implement server-side security measures
  • Design RESTful APIs
  • Guide junior Node developers into the project with tutor & manager capabilities

Senior Node.js Developers

  • Experience of  5+ years.
  • Hiring cost falls between $50-$100 per hour.

Apart from the junior and middle-level developers, senior Node developers have expertise in the following technology stacks:

  • REST & WebSocket
  • AWS Infrastructure
  • Redis
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Docker

A senior-level Node js developer can handle various roles and responsibilities and in many ways work like a full-stack developer

  • Designing web architecture
  • Handling  database schema 
  • Code simple or complex applications
  • Developing app logic and backend
  • Handling any issues with the developed code

What are the Major Sources for Hiring Node.js Developers?

You can find local talent, hire freelancers, or outsource the project to a custom web development company based on specific business needs. It’s essential to understand the pros & cons of these sources to make a well-informed decision about the JS developer. 

1. Hiring Local Talent for the In-House Team

A local team of in-house Node js developers who stay in the same geographical location can work on the application programming project. 


  • Resolve complex problems quickly
  • Better communication and collaboration
  • Familiar with the company’s processes and culture 
  • Direct control over the application development team


  • Costly option as you need to pay salary, health benefits, and more
  • Requires infrastructure and technology expense
  • Difficult to find the right team within a limited geographical location

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2. Freelance Programmers for Web Development

Various freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and others let you hire skilled programmers at an affordable budget. Hiring from these platforms enables you to save costs and kickstarts the development project.

However, this is an ideal option for people with good technical know-how of programming. People lacking technical knowledge receive poor-quality apps from these platforms in various cases. 


  • Save cost
  • Quickly start the project
  • Scale up or scale down the team with ease


  • No guarantee over the quality
  • The hired resource may fail to resolve specific issues

3. Outsource to a Software Development Company

Outsourcing the project to a custom software development company lets you relax and focus on the core business objectives. This process also provides a guarantee of getting high-quality industry-standard solutions. 


  • Cost-effective 
  • Large talent pool to choose from
  • Scale up or down the team with ease
  • Guarantee over the performance of the delivered application


  • No-direct control
  • Time-zone differences

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Cost of Hiring Node.js Developers

The exact cost of hiring Node programmers varies by country and depends significantly upon the expertise level of the chosen programmer. Junior & mid-level developers cost less than senior developers. 

Based on where you are hiring a developer, the cost is:

  • USA – $50 to $150 per hour
  • UK – $30 to $80 per hour
  • Australia – $30 to $70 per hour
  • Central Europe – $25 to $50 per hour
  • India – $12 to $50 per hour

How to Hire Top Node.js Developers?

With so many developers available online, it could be tough to find the right fit for your development project. However, you can easily find the best fit with the right strategy and tips.

Tips to find the best Node.js developers:

Tip1 – Research Programmers

Before you start with the interview, have a good look at their portfolios. You can go through their work samples to have a glimpse of their potential. It’s essential to research the candidate before interviewing them.

Tip2 – Prepare Your Questionnaire

Prepare a list of questions focused on their technical skills and also test their soft skills. During the interview, try to find out whether the candidate is enthusiastic about your project by asking project-based queries.

Tip3 – Include Others in the Process

If you are hiring a developer to work with the team, having the project manager on board is vital. Additionally, discuss with your team the must-have skills of the Node.js developers, so you can easily find the potential candidate. 

Tip4 – Go for a Trial Period

You can hire a developer for 25 or 50 hours before committing them to the team or handing over the project. The trial period provides genuine insights into the developer’s capabilities and performance. 

Interested to hire a Node.JS developer?

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Wrapping Up

That was all having the best Node.js developer on board. You can hire a Node.js developer from us at JS Panther. We have a team of skilled experts with proven work experience.

As a reputed web development company in the US, we offer flexible engagement models that enhance your ROI. Hire developers for 25/50/75/100 hours, so you can be sure about the decision to hire a Node expert.

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