Top Reasons Why Choose Flutter For MVP Development

October 9, 2023

Flutter is an advanced UI software development kit released by Google. The framework is handy for designing immersive user interfaces for apps to be released on the iOS app market, Android’s Play Store, and the web. If you want to test an app idea faster while also saving cost! Flutter is your go-to option for creating MVP in software development

In fact, Flutter for MVP development is arousing interest in the programming world significantly. One is a proven technology, while the other is a time-tested approach. Together, they help you reach a significant chunk of the target audience without burning a hole in the pocket of the application owner. There are several benefits of hybrid development for businesses

Using Flutter for developing minimum viable products, businesses can deliver native performance with immersive interfaces, and build high UX for the application users. This article will uncover why startups and enterprises leverage MVP in software development with the Flutter UI kit.

Before we begin, let’s look at how MVP helps with app development.

What is MVP Development?

MVP in software development is creating a digital product with simple features that drive early adopters and offer scope for future builds. It is a standard form of prototyping a business idea and checking its viability in the market.


Most startups fail because they build products with negligible or zero market requirements. In such a scenario, an MVP development team can help you quickly test ideas at an affordable budget. The minimum viable product forms the foundation for building a product with significant demand, delivering users’ expectations with seamless interface designs. 

Benefits of Creating an MVP in Software Development

  • Cost-Effective Approach

Developing an MVP requires only a fragment of the total app-making cost. For example, MVP development with Flutter will require you to build only basic features instead of full-fledged ideas. 

  • Quicker Development

MVP can be understood as building the skeleton of the application. Further, new features can be added when the product gains popularity for a more enhanced reach and UX. This makes the MVP development process relatively straightforward and faster.

  • Validates Your Ideas

42% of startups run into products with zero market need. MVP saves you from this disaster by validating your ideas in the real application market with user feedback. Entrepreneurs and startups gain insights, market research, etc., and can further reform their applications, ideas, or designs for a planned course of releases. 

MVP Case Studies

Global applications like Meta (Facebook), Uber, and TikTok started their journey as a minimum viable product.

  • Meta (earlier known as Facebook) – Started as a Web Directory

Meta started its journey as a web directory for Harvard students and offered messaging services to them back then. It was initially referred to as “Facebook” and has come a long way, shaping it into one of the must-have mobile apps for every individual in 2023. 

  • Uber – Released with Just Cab Booking Feature

Originally, Uber was designed with just the cab booking facility. Later, the application was added with several on-demand features like fare estimate, payment platform, real-time GPS tracking, multi-destination, etc. 

The success stories of Amazon, TikTok, and other digital platforms from simpler viable products to complex full-fledged apps successfully displays the significance of MVP in software development. 

Benefits of Flutter Development

Flutter has various futuristic features that make it an ideal fit for MVP and development projects. Various advantages of using it are:

  • Quickly View Impact of Code Modification with Hot Reload

A Flutter app developer does not have to wait to look for the impact of the code modification; the changes are visible in the emulator over the screen almost instantly. So, Flutter for MVP development projects saves significant time in UI changes and finalizing.

  • Leverages Dart Programming Language

The Dart programming language focuses on performance and efficiency and helps to create screen-responsive solutions with reliable speed performance. The object-oriented programming language has a simple learning curve and helps create an optimized project code. 

  • Build Cross-Platform Solutions

Flutter lets you create cross-platform apps, which are among the top mobile application development trends. The same code allows you to build and launch MVPs over iOS, Android, and web applications. This saves significant costs and money in the IT project. 

  • Native Look and Feel Over Multiple Mobile OS

At JS Panther software development company, we leverage Flutter for building MVPs that are indistinguishable from native mobile apps. We customize the UI widgets to offer the application users a rich look, feel, and performance. 

  • World-Class Examples of Flutter Development

Google Ads, Google Pay, Toyota, Etsy, and various global applications have been built around using the Flutter framework. 

Having discussed the individual benefits of MVP & Flutter development, it’s time we move on to how they are a proven ideal combination. 

Here are Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Flutter for MVP Development 

  • Open-source and Completely Free-to-Use

Entering into the mobile app space is a costly affair. You need to choose the right technologies that help you achieve business goals under the decided budget. Flutter is an open-source framework that reduces the development cost.

Being open-source allows Flutter app developers to customize the code significantly to match brand-unique requirements. Moreover, you reach a larger audience. It lets you target two leading mobile platforms at the building cost of one application. 

  • Rapid MVP Development 

Flutter powers the project with quicker development cycles. At JS Panther, our developers go agile with releases for the MVP development project with defined and agreed iterations. So you can easily track the deliverables in the software development process.

  • Most-Used Hybrid Framework


With its future-proof features, Flutter is one of the most used cross-platform frameworks globally. As per a survey by Statista, 46% of developers trust using Flutter cross-platform technology over others. 

  • Highly expressive UI

Flutter offers the project with distinctive and appealing widgets that are highly customizable.  

“Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.”

  • Edward Tufte

Designing minimum viable products is all about seamlessly representing essential features over a GUI application for potential customers. With Flutter, businesses can make attractive user interfaces that drive engagement. The UI SDK helps in implementing any core functionality into the application naturally. 

  • Leverages Cloud Functions

Flutter has several handy Firebase plugins that power the application with advanced Cloud storage and functions. Standard Firebase plugins you can leverage are Cloud Firestore, Authentication, Analytics, etc. Additionally, these plugins work perfectly well on Apple, Android, and web platforms. This minimizes the resources required for a successful MVP software development process.

Wrapping Up

That was all about why MVP in software development with the Flutter framework is an ideal combination. At JS Panther, we suggest Flutter for MVP to help you save on development costs without compromising quality. 

We have helped businesses with cross-platform solutions with screen-responsive applications. We build MVP software development projects with immersive user interfaces & intuitive navigational capabilities that boost user experiences. 

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