10 Key Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development For Businesses

December 6, 2022

When looking for affordable app development with a higher audience reach, the solution is to leverage hybrid application development. Hybrid mobile apps are cross-platform mobile applications that you can deploy over iOS, Android, and many other mobile OS. 

Global brands like Instagram, Amazon, Uber, Netflix, and many other reputable brands have trusted hybrid apps. Thus, hybrid mobile app development has become a go-to solution for businesses worldwide. 

Let’s explore the following:

  • What’s hybrid mobile app development & how do they work?
  • What are the top ten advantages of hybrid app development?
  • Step-by-step process of creating hybrid mobile apps

First things first

What’s Hybrid Mobile App Development & How do they Work?

Hybrid mobile app development is designing and coding mobile applications using hybrid frameworks. It leads to smooth deployment over multiple mobile operating systems. They are typically coded using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and placed in a native app shell.

The native app shell holds the capabilities to connect with the features available with the mobile platform, which helps them perform just like native mobile apps. They can access the device’s camera, GPS, Image galleries, contacts, and other functionalities to offer an immersive UX.

What are the Top Ten Advantages of Hybrid App Development?

#1. Massive Audience Reach

A high audience reach is key to driving sales and conversion. Whether you are building an application for the general public or personal business use, cross-platform helps you reach maximum users. Android, iOS, and other mobile OS users can download and use the application effectively. Thus a business doesn’t suffer from a lack of audience reach. 

#2. Cost-Effective Solution

You don’t have to invest in multiple developers for presence over different mobile platforms. With hybrid app development services in the US, your business saves costs significantly otherwise incurred over separate teams of developers for iOS & Android. The presence of open-source hybrid app development frameworks and rapid development cycles saves costs significantly.

#3. Immersive UI/UX

The user interface of any mobile application must be intuitive and easy to navigate through. We at JSP leverage clutter-free web designs to deliver a simple-to-use interface on all our hybrid applications. The hybrid mobile apps have the same UI over all mobile platforms, which adds brand value. 

Hybrid app development provides easy and fast accessibility to online content, which engages the audience to a top-notch level. With optimized visual hierarchy and balanced features, a hybrid application produces an enchanting user experience for web visitors. 

#4. Offline Accessibility

Hybrid mobile apps come with significant offline accessibility. It proves beneficial in regions with poor internet accessibility. Moreover, many users are reluctant to spend mobile data, and with available offline features, the app remains beneficial. It not only enhances the capabilities of the application but also engages more audiences on the go. 

#5. Faster Development Cycles

Businesses are always on the lookout for intelligent and rapid solutions. The availability of multiple libraries and frameworks promotes quick hybrid app development. Many frameworks, like React Native, Flutter, etc., come with high code reusability, facilitating rapid project development. The availability of tons of readymade solutions, when leveraged appropriately into the project, saves both development time and cost.

#6. Easy Maintenance

Mobile apps are no more a one-time investment. Businesses nowadays need to consistently come up with new and innovative features. Similarly, integrating the latest technology trends are also critical for a connected experience for the application users.

Thus, integrating new features based on user demand and current marketing needs has become a part of regular app maintenance. One can update a single code base with hybrid applications for new and exciting features. 

#7. Significant Speed Performance

Users tend to delete slow apps that take much time to load. Most app users, especially in the U.S., U.K., and European nations, expect an app to load within three seconds. It is easier to achieve this speed performance with simple apps that offer little or basic functions. However, with applications catering to large databases, it becomes difficult to achieve this speed performance.

With optimized client-server interactions & lazy loading methods, a hybrid app provides high-speed performance to the users. Reliable speed performance is among the significant benefits of a hybrid app. Hire hybrid app developers in the US who have hands-on experience in developing high-speed applications for end users.

#8. Faster Time-to-Market

As mentioned earlier, a hybrid application takes less development time and provides a multi-channel presence. So, testing business ideas becomes faster as one can deploy the application to a larger audience. Moreover, with faster upgrades integrating on-demand features is achieved relatively easily with hybrid app development.

#9. Uniform Outlook Builds Brand Values

Having a similar UI over multiple platforms brings consistency and encourages customer engagement with the application. It furthermore helps build credibility among the app users by increasing competitiveness and a sense of unity to the brand.

#10. Open-Source Hybrid Development Frameworks

The availability of multiple state-of-the-art frameworks, including React Native, Flutter, and Ionic, facilitates high-end development. As a leading hybrid app development company in California, we leverage React Native for development.

React Native provides the project with high code reusability, native look & feel, and live reloading, and is also UI-focused. It helps us deliver high-quality applications in less time that delivers business objectives. If you are thinking of creating a hybrid application, you can contact us for a free consultation. 

Step-by-Step Process of Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps

Step-1: Research & Planning

The first and foremost step is to carefully inspect apps and websites similar to what you are trying to create. It helps brainstorm ideas and creates a list of features for the application. If you are testing a new and innovative idea, you can start your research by connecting with the target audience. 

Overall, you must find discrete answers to the following queries in this stage:

  • What problems will I resolve with the app?
  • Who will be the end-users of the application?
  • What are the critical features of the app?
  • What additional features will you have on the application?

Step 2: Application Design

Here our application development team starts using the wireframing tools. You will have access to screen transitions. Based on your feedback, the design team modified the application design. Once you approve the application design, the team collaborates with the front-end developers for smooth and rapid application development.

Step-3: Development & Coding

Post frontend development, the backend team starts coding the application. Our expert hybrid app developers leverage multiple libraries and frameworks compatible with the project’s needs. The application’s backend is developed to ensure a glitch-free performance with the first-time-right approach. 

Step 4: Testing the Application

We follow an agile development approach which leads to parallel testing cycles during the coding of the hybrid mobile application development process. However, before the final handover, we deploy QA analysis to ensure a bug-free application for the users. 

Step-5: Application Launch

Once the app passes the QA team, we start with the launch process. As it is a hybrid mobile app, we launch it on Android and iOS platforms. It takes a few days for the hybrid mobile applications to be passed by the management team of the app markets. 

Our team provides you with 60 days of guaranteed support after-application launch. We take complete responsibility for the delivered mobile app and resolve any issue. Thus with our reliable performance, we have achieved a high client retention rate. 

Final Words

I hope the above article clears all your queries related to hybrid app development. As a leading hybrid mobile app development company, we have worked for diverse industry verticals. Our experienced developers provide you with rugged code development secured against online threats. 

We let you hire mobile app developers with flexible pricing models. So you can quickly test a developer at a low cost before proceeding with the final decision. Following are some of our USPs:

  • 5+ years of experience
  • Competitive rates
  • 60 days of project warranty
  • Agile methodology
  • NDA agreement
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