A website to post monthly fitness challenges

Fitness should be one’s topmost priority and what’s better than having a website that poses challenges and rewards you for the same?

The idea struck one of our clients who approached us for a website that conducts a monthly challenge league in which people can participate and post scores once they are done. If an individual wishes to compete for top prizes, they must submit a video to prove their score. People/users are categorized into three types depending upon their abilities and prizes are distributed to the top athletes in each division on a monthly basis.

The best part: Our experts integrated an eCommerce shop on the website for users to purchase products from client’s website sold at a discounted price to the users who pay the basic league subscription.


Technical Bits

  • Node.js using Express.js Framework
  • Embedded Javascript Templating (EJS) for Frontend
  • Authentication using Express JWT and Passport.js
  • MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Docker Installation for Running Application as Container
  • Testing Code using Mocha & Chai