Why Should Businesses Choose Javascript to Build Software Products?

March 24, 2020
JavaScript Developer

Innovative technologies are introduced every other day – considering the rising demands of businesses and users. However, choosing the right programming language for a software product is a more or less challenging task. Be it an established multinational organization or a start-up, the choice of the programming language is a make-or-break factor for their software projects. Hence, it is essential to analyze various relevant factors before you choose the style.
Among the most popular and widely-used programming languages, JavaScript is a top contender. According to a study, it is used as a client-side programming language by 95.2% of all websites in the world. Further, it is a preferred choice among the majority of software developers for building applications, websites and interactive games.

So, what keeps JS in demand? What are the factors that make it the top contender among other programming languages?

Let’s dig deep into JavaScript and figure out the reasons why businesses should choose it over other languages to build software products.

Getting Familiar With JavaScript

Developed by Brendan Eich in 1995 for Netscape Navigator web browser, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that was predominantly used to render web pages dynamically and interactively. However, gone are those days when JavaScript dominated the front-end. It is everywhere now and has progressed to be an appealing language for cross-platform applications. Further, given its dynamic nature and close integration with Document Object Model (DOM), it is commonly used in a general-purpose capacity.

Today, with its vast repository of development frameworks and vibrant support communities, JS is arguably the best choice for software solutions.

Some of the famous organizations that use JavaScript technologies include Netflix, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, Microsoft and YouTube among others.

Major Frameworks in JavaScript

Here are a few handpicked JS frameworks which are highly influential and equally popular:

React – React is undoubtedly the most preferred JS frameworks for building dynamic user interfaces with advanced features. Used by major brands like Whatsapp, Airbnb, Facebook and Instagram, it is an open-source mobile app framework built by Facebook. Know more.

Angular – Angular is another popular open-source MVC Javascript frameworks that is best suited for developing dynamic single-page applications. Apps built with Angular have a user-friendly interface that propels users and increases business prospects. An example of organization that uses AngularJS is none other than Google, the tech giant. Know more.

Node – Node is an open-source run-time environment which is extremely fast in operations. It works wonders with apps that require high data processing. Some of the major brands that use Node are LinkedIn, Medium, Uber, and eBay.

Vue – Best suited for front-end development, Vue is a sought-after JS framework which is often referred to as progressive. Some of the significant organisations that make apps based on Vue are Adobe, Alibaba, Grammarly and Xiaomi,

What Can You Build With JavaScript?

According to the Atwood law, “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.” Well, the quote by Jeff Atwood is turning out to be right in the current technological scenario. Presently, JS is used everywhere from automating simple tasks to building complex software applications.
Besides, listed below are some of the common uses of JavaScript.

Website development: JS is widely used by developers for building robust, interactive and dynamic websites with rich user interfaces.

Web applications: JS offers several frameworks that make it possible to develop complex web applications with minimal effort.

Web server: With the advent of frameworks like Node.js and Express.js, developers can build scalable web server apps with least investment and effort in JS.

Mobile applications: With JS frameworks like React Native, you can build mobile apps that can be deployed to both iOS and Android.

Gaming applications: JS provides several game development engines with powerful features and tools to build incredible gaming apps.

IoT devices: The IoT is revolutionizing the world and JS understand this well. A number of JS frameworks, especially Node, are widely used in building efficient IoT systems. Thanks to its event-driven nature and open-source availability.

Virtual Reality: Yes, JS helps create VR experiences too. With powerful JavaScript APIs like WebVR, you can merge VR devices with the internet and get going.

Reasons to Consider JavaScript for Software Products

Full-stack Development 
Initially, JavaScript was introduced as front-end language. However, the advent of full-stack developers has made it possible to write both the backend and the front-end code in JavaScript. One popular full-stack JavaScript is the MEAN stack which stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, eBay, etc. have taken advantage of this technology.

Ease of Testing and Debugging 
Since JavaScript is an interpreted language, identify the bugs during run time is pretty simple. Since codes are interpreted line by line and errors can be identified along with the line number, it is easy for developers to recognize the fault, debug it and test it again.

Rich Interfaces  
All JS frameworks allow developers to build feature-rich and engaging search interfaces for users. Features like drag and drop components, slides, etc. are effortlessly possible with JavaScript.

Platform Independent 
Currently, majority of the browsers can understand and interpret codes written in JavaScript. Since it is a platform-independent language, scripts can run on all types of browsers and platforms.

Event-based Language 
JavaScript is an event-based language, which means the code segments are executed depending on the user activity. In simple words, a code segment will only be executed when a user clicks or moves the mouse. The advantage is – all codes don’t get initialized when the website is loaded which, in turn, minimizes the loading time.

What’s your take on JavaScript after knowing so much about it? Do you plan on using it for your business operations? Well, if yes, our team of expert JavaScript developers can help you achieve beyond expectations.

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