Why Is Angular So Popular In Modern Application Development?

February 11, 2020

There is no doubt that AngularJS – the self-proclaimed “superheroic JavaScript framework” – is gaining traction.

The framework, written in pure JavaScript, was intended to decouple an application’s logic from DOM manipulation and aimed at dynamic page updates.

The historical record tracks back to 2009 when Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons published the project called <angular>. The project aimed to help both developers and designers build web applications by simply using the HTML tag. And it was officially released in 2010 by Google engineers.

Since 2010, the framework has been helping developers turn HTML-based documents into dynamic content. It synchronizes data automatically with models and views, making development extremely easy and fast.

Thereafter Google released several versions of Angular at regular intervals, all aimed at enhancing the modern development experience for developers. Currently, we have the Angular 9 version after a great response for Angular 8 and Angular 15.

Overview of Angular

Angular is an open-source web application development framework maintained by Google. It was first introduced in 2010 and since then has become a widely adopted framework for building web and mobile applications. Angular has a large community of developers, making it easier to find support and resources. It has been built with a focus on making development more efficient and has many features that simplify the development process. Angular provides a declarative approach to building user interfaces and uses reactive programming to ensure fast and responsive applications. If you are looking to build applications with Angular, you can hire a dedicated Angular developer.

Why is AngularJS Gaining Popularity?

By offering a wide range of functionalities, features, and benefits, AngularJS Framework has gained an amazing admiration for itself. All these together have made Angular not only popular for building web applications but one of the most useful services for front-end development. Further, it has also been amongst the top programming languages.

Let’s have a look at some of the prime features.

Cross-Platform Features

  • Progressive Web Apps: This modern platform can be used to deliver app-like experiences with zero-step installation and high-quality performance.
  • Build Native: It is easy to build native mobile apps with strategies from Ionic, Cordova, or NativeScript.
  • Desktop App: By using native OS APIs, developers can create desktop-installed apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Speed & Performance

  • Code Generation: Angular helps in turning templates into code that’s highly optimized with today’s JavaScript virtual machines.
  • Universal: The framework offers the first view of your app on Node.js, .NET, and PHP for near-instant rendering in HTML and CSS. Further, SEO optimization is also taken care of.
  • Code Splitting: With Component Router which offers instant code-splitting, apps made with Angular load faster.


  • Templates: The framework creates UI views with easy and robust template syntax.
  • Angular CLI: This command line tool builds fast, adds components, tests, and then instantly deploys.
  • IDEs: Angular helps in attaining intellectual code completion, instant errors, and some other feedback in editors as well as IDEs.

Full Development Support

  • Animation: By using intuitive API, the developers can create high-performance animation timelines with very little code of Angular.
  • Accessibility: The framework is helpful in creating accessible apps with ARIA-enabled mechanisms and developer guides.

This was the technical perspective of the Angular framework. Now let’s have a look at

The Benefits of Using Angular for Web App Development

There are many benefits to using Angular in modern application development. Here are just a few of the top reasons why Angular is such a popular choice:

  • Faster Development Times

Angular’s powerful features and capabilities can help streamline the development process and make it easier to build complex applications. This means that businesses can get their apps to market faster and start generating revenue sooner.

  • Security

Security is always the topmost concern when it comes to development. The Angular framework understands this well by being more focused on data security and related data distribution of the business.

  • Enhanced User Experience

when it comes to the app’s UI, Angular is declarative and intuitive as compared to other frameworks. It uses HTML for UI so that the developers spend less time on program flows.

  • Better Scalability

Angular is designed to be highly scalable, which means that your application can grow and evolve over time without running into performance or scalability issues. This makes it a great choice for businesses that are looking to scale their operations over time.

  • Integration

With Angular, easy integration with third-party features like Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic, Famo.us, Wijmo, etc. is quite easy. These, along with others, are pre-built into the framework.

  • Less Coding

While carrying out DOM management, the majority of JavaScript code needs to be written to design the app. However, with Angular, you manipulate all these with a lesser amount of code and save a lot of time, effort.

5 Reasons Why AngularJS Is Popular in Modern App Development

1. Easy to Learn and Use

AngularJS is known for its easy-to-use and user-friendly framework, making it one of the top choices for developers and businesses alike. With its intuitive syntax, it’s relatively easy to pick up even if you have no previous experience with programming.

2. Large Community Support

AngularJS is supported by a large and active community of developers, which is constantly adding new features, improving the framework, and providing assistance to anyone who needs it. This means that you can easily find help, solutions, and support from other developers around the world.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

AngularJS is highly scalable and flexible, allowing developers to build applications of all sizes and complexities. Whether you are building a small web app or a large enterprise application, AngularJS has the capabilities to handle it all.

4. Great Performance

AngularJS is known for its impressive performance, with features like two-way data binding and dependency injection allowing developers to build highly responsive and efficient applications.

5. Trusted by Businesses

AngularJS is widely used and trusted by many leading companies and organizations across various industries. Choosing AngularJS means investing in a proven and reliable technology that has already proven its worth in modern application development.

Angular vs. other frameworks

When it comes to choosing the right framework for modern application development, Angular is often at the top of the list. But how does it compare to other frameworks on the market?

One major factor that sets Angular apart is its use of two-way data binding. This feature allows developers to easily manage and update data in real-time, without the need for complex code or extra modules. In contrast, other frameworks like React and Vue use a one-way data binding model, which can make managing large data sets more challenging.

In terms of performance, Angular also holds up well against other frameworks. Its built-in support for lazy loading and caching can help to speed up page load times and reduce the overall workload on servers. This is especially important for enterprise-level applications, where slow performance can lead to lost productivity and decreased user satisfaction.

Go Angular For Efficient Web Development

When you have a project in your mind, you need to think about several perspectives including scalability, durability, loading time, security, and convenience.

Angular takes care of all these perspectives by providing MVC, DOM and JavaScript, jQuery in inner HTML. As a result, web applications load faster in comparison to any other frameworks. Furthermore, brands like Freelancer, Netflix, Upwork, PayPal, LinkedIn, etc. are using the Angular framework for a long time now.

How Angular Fits into modern application development

Angular is a key player in modern application development due to its numerous advantages. From building fast, reliable, and scalable applications, to its ability to handle complex functionalities, Angular is a popular choice for developers and businesses. As a result, it is no surprise that AngularJS development companies (JS Panther) are on the rise.

One of the reasons Angular is favored in modern application development is its flexible architecture, which allows developers to create both simple and complex applications with ease. It also enables developers to develop dynamic and responsive web applications without sacrificing performance.

Moreover, Angular offers seamless integration with other popular frameworks and libraries, including Bootstrap, Redux, and Ngrx, making it easy to create comprehensive and efficient web applications. This integration ensures that developers can quickly and easily add new features without having to worry about compatibility issues.

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