Why Use Angular with Python for SaaS Development in 2024?

November 21, 2023

When building SaaS applications, you need a simple-to-use frontend powered by a robust backend technology. Despite various options, most world-class SaaS applications leverage the combination of Angular for frontend development and Python for the server-side coding of the apps. 

This combination can help you take the custom software development project to the next level. While Angular helps the team design easy-to-use, engaging frontend user interfaces, Python can handle the data processing, faster user responses, quick development of the server app, etc. 

This article will help you understand how the two technologies are proven ways to design industry-standard SaaS applications. 

What to Look for in the Technology Stack of SaaS Applications?

Any SaaS product development project can be broken into two parts – what users can see (front-end) or interact with & what goes on behind the scenes (back-end). The right choice of frontend and backend technology tools can help with faster time-to-market ideas for the web development project. 

The following factors can help you choose the best SaaS technology stack:

  • Required Scalability

In today’s time, the demand is rarely ever constant. You need to decide how dynamic and scalable the SaaS product must be. The number of users that must be able to access the application simultaneously also plays a crucial role in choosing the right technology stack for the project.  

  • Code Maintainability

You need to find out whether the chosen language for server-side development has robust support, is simple to read & understand, does not complicate the code, and will assist in onboarding new developers into the team. Also, if the language supports code-reusability, it can help you develop lightweight web applications.

  • Faster Time-to-Market

The sooner you can launch your ideas into the market, the better the chances of staying ahead in the competition. Most SaaS companies must launch new features quickly to build a loyal customer base who views the apps as original, not counterfeit products or ideas. 

  • Simplicity of the Chosen Tools

Any product that is difficult to maintain will lead to high maintenance costs or become outdated with time. Their ease of use and simple learning curves make Python and Angular a reliable choice for SAAS development. 

  • Available Support 

You must choose programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and other development tools with robust maintenance. This will ensure timely enhancements focussed on the security and performance of the apps. 

Why Use Angular for Frontend Development of SaaS Apps?

Angular provides developers with an MVC architecture, advanced routing, modular structure, and more. Here are some benefits of using Angular for client-side development of the applications.

  • The framework has several powerful tools and advanced features required for designing dynamic and interactive user interfaces.
  • The TypeScript-based framework is developed and maintained by Google, ensuring consistent application support.
  • Angular has a large, active community where developers help each other if they are stuck with specific programming issues.
  • The framework ensures smooth separation of front and backend, making the apps more straightforward to maintain.
  • The Google-backed framework has several built-in performance optimizations focussed on improving the speed and efficiency of the applications.
  • Angular and MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) design structures are very similar, which makes it easier for web developers to code the application.
  • The Angular framework’s modular approach facilitates server-side application development with the Python programming language. 

Global Apps using Angular in Frontend 

Various SaaS-based applications, like PayPal, Upwork, etc., have trusted Angular for their front end. This shows the capability of the JavaScript framework for designing highly functional & easy-to-use interfaces for companies. 

Famous apps using angular


Upwork is primarily considered among the most popular marketplace for connecting freelance workers with potential clients. Freelancers, agencies, and independent professionals of diverse business sizes are hooked on Upwork 24/7 to find suitable jobs. Designing the interface of Upwork required a framework with limitless scalability & high performance, where Angular has proven its worth. 


PayPal uses the AngularJS framework to give users access to real-time transactional data feeds. The framework allowed smooth integration of various up-to-date security features into PayPal payment solutions for secured transactions. This shows why you should hire Angular developers to develop highly scalable frontends of applications. 

Why Use Python for Backend Development of SaaS Apps?

Python is a developer-friendly programming language that offers several advanced libraries and frameworks suitable for different projects. Following are some of the significant benefits of using Python for server-side development of the projects.

  • The syntax of the Python language is similar to the English language, making the code simple for any developer to understand. 
  • The language is ideal for creating apps related to data visualizations and creating easy-to-understand reports.
  • The web programming language is free from deadlocks or research contention and offers scope for efficiently developing asynchronous code.
  • Developers have access to several paradigms, and the language supports diverse programming styles, including procedural, object-oriented, support for Cloud servers, web server, etc.
  • You can hire Python developer to create prototypes and iterations of the web application quickly.
  • The availability of various handy libraries provides the development team with reliable pre-written code for the application development process.
  • Python libraries are also suitable for integrating emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and any other related tech stack.

Global Apps using Python 

When discussing global SaaS solutions, You can never ignore Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, etc. These apps have been developed using the Python object-oriented language.


Among the most popular Python-based web and mobile apps, Instagram is used by people of all generations. The social app has made photography fun for users with various word class tools. The Python in the server side of the Instagram app allows seamless performance for more than 500 million active users daily. This also shows the level of scalability developers can achieve with Python-based apps. 


The globally renowned music streaming app Spotify leverages Python for its app. The language ensures quicker development and offers various futuristic capabilities like data analytics that help improve the UX of the application. Spotify also uses Python to provide users with standard Radio and Discover services.

Wrapping Up

That was all about how Angular and Python have emerged as potent technologies for developing SaaS applications. However, weighing project requirements for deciding the best technology stack is essential. At JS Panther, our SaaS consultants can help you choose suitable tools for custom software development projects.

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