Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks Everyone should Know in 2022

March 30, 2022
Top javascript frameworks

JavaScript is an interpreted, multi-functional and high-level programming language that conforms to the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script) specification.

Covering a whopping 95% of over 1.6 billion websites worldwide, JavaScript is also characterized as a dynamic, multi-paradigm, prototype-based or weakly typed programming language.

Though JavaScript is a text-based programming language too, and is used both on the server-side and client-side, it functions as the scripting language for web pages and creates interactive effects within web browsers.

Some common examples of JavaScript that you might use every day include the news recap video on The New York Times website, search box on Amazon, or refreshing your Twitter feed.

To summarize, in a simple sentence – JavaScript is the language of the web, or as Charlie Cambell once said – “JavaScript is the duct tape of the internet”.

Many different frameworks and libraries are built on top of JavaScript, each having its unique features, capabilities, importance, and uses.

In this blog post, JS Panther’s top JavaScript developers have assembled with their years of experience and knowledge to highlight the – Top JavaScript frameworks everyone should know in 2022.

We completely understand that not everyone is a JavaScript geek like us. So, our team has tried their best to keep the language easy to absorb for everyone while covering everything in-depth so you can easily navigate through the blog post.

What is a JavaScript Framework?

A JavaScript framework is a cluster of JavaScript code libraries that help web developers create user interfaces, manage data, and DOM manipulation, all through its pre-written code.

Frameworks come with a pre-built set of features that help reduce development time and make the development process less tedious. Some people understand frameworks as a template that handles multiple programming patterns.

For instance, every time you build a web application, you don’t need to write code for every single feature from scratch. Instead, you can build upon an existing feature set provided in the framework.

What is a JavaScript library?

JavaScript libraries are collections of pre-written code snippets that can be used to perform everyday JavaScript tasks. A JS library code can be plugged into the rest of your project’s code to develop standard features. For example, if you insert a jQuery (Open-source JavaScript library) code snippet into your project’s code to add an autocomplete feature to a search bar on your site, the code will automatically retrieve the element from the jQuery library and display it in your users’ web browser.

A common confusion in the software community is the fundamental difference between a framework and a library, which we like to resolve in simple terms with the help of this example:- JavaScript frameworks are like a template you use to build a house, whereas JavaScript libraries are like pieces of furniture that add style and function to an already constructed house.

Which is better – JavaScript framework or library?

We have seen this question frequently asked in so many JavaScript communities and always reply to it, saying that both have their usage and importance. A framework provides developers with something more generic and reusable, and a Library is used to solve a specific problem or add a particular feature to your program.

We believe you’ve got a general idea of what is a JavaScript framework and library. Now, let’s review top JavaScript frameworks individually

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2022


react developmentAlways topping the list of most popular JavaScript frameworks & libraries, React.js is a popular front-end JavaScript library created by Facebook. It is an open-source library that builds dynamic user interfaces and high-speed single-page web apps. Along with React.js, there’s React framework as well named- React Native. It is mostly used to create cross-platform /hybrid applications.

Making React unique is its ability to take a lot of heavy lifting out of the coding process while making the code easier to read, comprehend, and function.

Benefits of using React

Virtual DOM: Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) is a representation of the original DOM object. Whenever any modifications happen in the web app, the entire UI is re-rendered in the virtual DOM representation helping us build apps faster, more efficiently, and with creative transitions, ensuring less buggy code.

Declarative: React’s declarative nature quickly updates and render the right components when data changes. The declarative approach makes the code readable and easy to debug while engineering interactive UI for websites and mobile applications.

One-way data-binding: Components are supposed to be immutable, and the data within them cannot be changed. Facebook has designed React to follow unidirectional data flow, AKA one-way data binding to make the application more flexible and efficient.

JSX: JSX is a JavaScript syntax extension that enables you to embed HTML within JavaScript. It looks like a template language, but it comes with the full power of JavaScript. JSX makes writing React components more accessible by making the syntax identical to web page HTML.

Top brands using React

Facebook, UberEats, Netflix, Airbnb, Yahoo


angular development

Supporting over 75K websites alone in the US, Angular is one of the most popular and best JavaScript front end frameworks to develop high-performance single-page web apps with the smoothest animations. Angular’s security modules and ability to embed stable, clean, and reusable code makes it one of the most time-saving frameworks within the JavaScript community.

Benefits of using Angular

Templates: Angular’s built-in templates provide powerful syntax to create UI views. In simple words, it is a massive time-saving technology for front end development.

Cross-Platform: We often use Angular for cross-platform development. It offers us modern web platform capabilities to deliver progressive web apps -like experiences such as fast page loading, zero-step installation, offline usability, etc.

Intelligent Testing: Protractor is an open-source testing framework for Angular that makes our scenario tests run faster and more stable.

Code Splitting: With the new Component Router, Angular apps load faster during automatic code splitting. This benefits JavaScript developers like us to load the code required to render the view they request.

Top brands using Angular

Microsoft Office, Gmail, UpWork, PayPal. Samsung


Vuejs Development

With the highest 91.2% satisfaction rate among all JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js is another most preferred JS framework for creating high-end single-page applications. Though Vue.js emerged after Angular and React, it combines the best features of both its peer frameworks.

Benefits of using Vue.js

Virtual DOM: Similar to React.js, Vue also has its dedicated Virtual DOM enabling faster and easier render of the UI components. Due to this feature, Vue managed to secure a place among the best javascript frameworks for front end development.

Template: Identical to Angular.js, Vue also provides HTML-based templates that bind the DOM with the Vue.js instant data. It helps us use the render functions and replace the template with the render function for productive web development with unnecessary code reproduction.

MVVM Architecture: Vue.js has Model-View-View-Model architecture that helps in enhancing the UI experience. MVVM helps simplify user interface event-driven programming, which results in improved system performance.

Best in support: As Facebook backs react, Angular is backed by Google, Vue.js is supported by a vast open-source community of talented developers. It relies on the donation of local developers and sponsorships to grow ahead. Due to the strong community, our experience with Vue.js as a developer has always been supportive. The framework also receives regular updates which makes it the best javascript framework for experimental projects.

Top brands using Vue.js

Adobe, Alibaba, MIT University, NBC.


Metor development

Securing a reputable position in the list of top 5 js frameworks is Meteor.js – Another open-source but isomorphic JavaScript web framework. Although Meteor is written on the codebase of Node.js, it is an incredible framework for prototyping, cross-platform development, and as a companion framework with Vue, React, Angular or Blaze.

Benefits of using Meteor.js

Full Stack Solution: Meteor proves to be a self-reliant framework for developing and deploying powerful web applications. It has built-in reactive templates, automatic CSS, JS modifications on the production server, helpers, templates, and events. Moreover, Meteor’s cloud platform – GALAXY, helps in deploying, scaling, and monitoring client applications rapidly.

Superior Development Ecosystem: Meteor.js is not just limited to being a JavaScript framework. It is a full-fledged Isomorphic Development Ecosystem (IDevE), enabling us to build real-time web applications from scratch through its inherited front-end and back-end components.

Time-Saving Packages: Meteor brings different innovative packages to create the system’s front-end. These smart packages help us speed up writing applications, automatic compilation, and bootstrap integration. These packages are genuinely smart. For instance, when we add the code to build a user account system, it automatically adds a smart package to the project to undertake any time-taking task such as signing up users using different templates.

Huge Community: Meteor.js offers Crater – a Reddit like site to help us stay updated on what’s trending and upcoming in Meteor. The framework is backed by a massive community of supportive developers, offering detailed documentation, resources, tools that have helped JS Panther many times.

Top brands using Meteor.js

Mazda Motor Corporation, Worldlabs, Phenix, Coygo, CodeSignal


Amber js Development

Ranked as the 4th most popular front-end JavaScript framework in the State of JS Survey, Ember.js is an open source javascript framework used to create scalable web applications through its component-service pattern. Being commonly used for large-scale projects and when the development team is big, Ember.js helps everyone stay on the same page of the written code and contribute collaboratively to a common project.

Benefits of using Ember.js

Giant Ecosystem: Ember presents a massive selection of over 1,500 addons, most of which can be installed in one line. These addons are well-optimized to handle common instances of internal complexity such as managing authentication, authorization, abstracting away common patterns, and OAuth authentication.

Methodical CLI: Ember’s command-line interface provides a project structure including Brocolli.js that ensures live reloads and quick rebuilds. With Ember’s CLI, an experienced JavaScript developer can productively create a full application with just one command while having complete control over the app’s functionalities.

Highly Stable: The release of Ember 2.0 brought the idea of stability without stagnation into reality. Ember is backwards-compatible so that upgrading won’t damage apps built with earlier versions of the framework. Besides, Ember.js release new yet stable versions every six weeks.

Strong Community Support: Having 800 above volunteers on GitHub and over 22K comments on StackOverflow, Ember has one of the most active and reliable JavaScript communities. Every issue we run across or a feature we want has already been handled by someone.

Top brands using Ember.js

Netflix, TED, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitch, Fitbit


So, these are the top JavaScript frameworks that we believe everyone should know in 2022 for web application development. Apart from the benefits of each framework we’ve discussed, we have also considered the learning curve, complexity, compatibility documentation while shortlisting frameworks.

While this list may change over time, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends to succeed as a developer or an agency.

If you want to learn more about any of these frameworks or need free expert consultation for your next project, JS Panther is here to help.

Thanks for reading!

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