Python for Web Development in 2023 – A Complete Guide

September 7, 2023

When trying to create websites or apps, Python programming language is your go-to option and it has exploded significantly in the world of web development. The universal programming language is compatible with traditional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies and is also an excellent option with emerging disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

You can use Python to build anything from a robust blogging site to a complex live-chat application. Thanks to its wide array of options for libraries and frameworks. Here in this article, we will explore how Python for web development is an excellent option.

What is Web Development?

Web development refers to creating static or dynamic websites and maintaining them. Programming projects have two broad aspects: front-end and back-end.

Frontend refers to creating the graphical user interface designs for the web app and involves web designing using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frontend frameworks.  

The backend involves creating servers, databases, code, and other aspects that ensure a smooth response to users’ input into the web application. Web development with Python programming language benefits the projects with simpler syntax, various handy libraries, frameworks, mature support, and more. 

Why Use Python for Web Development?

There are various advantages of Python web development; it helps you save cost, time, and effort. Following are some of the top factors advocating its use:

  • Versatile Programming Language

As an open-source programming language, Python offers greater flexibility in the code customizing process. It is also completely free to use and is compatible with developing web applications.

Whether you want to create web apps, desktop apps, AI apps, or cybersecurity solutions, the programming language offers robust support through various readymade code snippets via libraries and frameworks. 

  • English Like Syntax

Unlike other high-level programming languages, Python comes with a simple syntax that is much similar to the English language. This improves the readability of the code, and developers, whether junior or senior, can easily understand the code for new improvements. 

Additionally, it is one of the simplest programming languages to learn and master. As per a survey report by Statista, it ranks as the second most used language for software development globally.

  • Optimum Security

It is considered one of the best programming languages in software development owing to standard security features. It supports standard encryption like AES, RSA, and DES. Using top libraries and frameworks like Django, developers can ensure a standard level of security against web app security risks like XSS, CSRF, and SQL injection.

  • Massive Community Supportgraph

As per the stack overflow 2021 survey report, Python is the third most popular language globally. Developers worldwide have adopted and deployed it for developing high-quality web solutions. Finding solutions from open forums is more straightforward if one gets stuck at any code section. 

  • Cross-Platform Applications

The language is platform-independent and proves helpful in developing portable applications that can run across several platforms. This reduces project costs and also assists in reaching a larger audience reach with the application.

Businesses often feel perplexed about choosing between PHP and Python when developing cross-platform applications.

  • Several Libraries and Frameworks

The general-purpose programming language emphasizing code readability comes with several world-class libraries and frameworks. A web app development company can use the right libraries and frameworks to build world-class apps in a limited time.

  • Compatible with AI and ML Development

It has emerged as a preferred language for artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and other disruptive technologies. It has been used to develop several world-class AI solutions like ChatGPT and other neural networks. You can use ChatGPT in Python applications to automate several writing-based tasks.  

Some Popular Python Web Frameworks in 2023

There are various frameworks that one can use for programming projects. Standard Python web frameworks are: 


Django is an open-source Python framework with several security-oriented features that helps you quickly develop programming projects. It is versatile and one of the most used frameworks.

Due to its wide-scale popularity and demand, various global companies specialize in Django development services. It is helpful in API and web app projects with an extensive collection of libraries and reusable code. 

Django Features:

  • Rapid project completion
  • Define URL patterns
  • In-built authentication system
  • Finest data storage and recovery
  • Supports several cache mechanisms


CherryPy is a popular open-source and lightweight Python framework. The plus point of using CherryPy is that it’s compatible with all other frameworks of the language. Using CherryPy, developers can easily access data and templating technology.

The framework functions properly for generic web features like file uploads, managing static content, handling cookies, etc. It is an ideal option for creating small-scale applications and Rest APIs. 

CherryPy Features:

  • HTTP/1.1-compliant
  • Thread-pooling WSGI web server
  • Model View Controller (MVC) pattern
  • Easy to run multiple HTTP servers 
  • Built-in tools for caching


The Grok Python web development framework is based on the Zope toolkit or (ZPK). The framework offers an agile approach to developing web applications by providing developers with two standard features: Convention over Configuration and Do not repeat yourself (DRY). That’s not all; the UI of this framework acts like Pylons and TurboGears. 

Grok Features

  • Compatible with Python 3
  • Leverages Zope 3’s capability
  • Object storage database
  • In-built data security
  • Various in-built features for quick project completion


The Bottle is a commendable Python web framework with various out-of-the-box features. You can use this small-scale framework for building web apps, APIs, and other projects. Bottle has zero dependencies outside the standard library of the programming language, unlike most other frameworks. 

The notable features of the Bottle framework include templating, utilities, direction, and basic abstractions over the WSGI standard. Various world-class applications have deployed Bottle in their code architecture, including Netflix and Sotong Kitchen.

Bottle Features

  • Support for clean and dynamic URLs
  • Inbuilt template engine and support
  • WSGI framework is compatible with CGI
  • Direct access to data, cookies, file uploads, etc.
  • In-built acceleration testing enhancements


When creating full-stack web applications, leverage TurboGears web framework. It works exceptionally well for both web and mobile app development projects. Turbogears deploys the model-}view-controller architecture design that helps smooth business logic implementation into the application code. 

TurboGears Features

  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Multi-database support
  • Command-line utilities
  • MVC architecture
  • MochiKit library integration

How to Handle Web Development with Python?

The web development process with Python involves creating the project’s frontend, backend, databases, and other aspects. Python web developers can specialize in either frontend or backend or go with full-stack specialization for building web applications. 

The frontend specialization involves mastering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks like React/Angular/Vue.js or others. You will be creating the graphical user interface for different pages of the web solution. 

The backend specialization involves learning and mastering the setting up of the server side of the software. The availability of various libraries and frameworks of the language helps quickly develop a robust backend for the application project. 

Overall, programming with it requires any web developer to master the following:


Using HTML and CSS, you can design web page layouts. It’s essential for any web developer to try developing simple static websites before starting with complex projects like e-commerce, social media apps, etc.


Learning the JavaScript programming language basics will help you build advanced UI designs. Few crucial concepts web developers must understand about JavaScript are data types & variables, general conventions, control instructions, etc.

DOM and Query 

Having a sound understanding of DOM manipulation and Query lets Python developers easily add, eliminate, or change existing HTML files. This is an essential aspect of creating software. 

Use of Libraries and Frameworks

Libraries and frameworks are ready-made pieces of code with pre-written functions. It’s essential to leverage them in the development process; otherwise, you may waste too much time creating everything from scratch.

Cost of Web Development with Python

The cost of developing any software application depends upon the following factors:

  • Various features you need to build or customize for the project
  • Complexities in the UI designs
  • Technology bearing cost of the project
  • Overall time to create it
  • Cost of hosting, project launch, and marketing plans

Wrapping Up

At JS Panther software development company, we have experienced consultants for giving accurate estimates. Based on your project requirements, they customize the ideal technology stacks.

This helps to create high-quality business-oriented Python power applications for the company. All our discussions are covered with NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the complete privacy and secrecy of your project data.  

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