How Early Access Can Transform NFTs Experience via its Memberships

June 8, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • NFT memberships enable projects and enterprises to develop online communities that bind their most valued clients together.
  • NFT-based membership holders can gain privileges to both online and real-life experiences, such as participation in exclusive events, voting rights, and rewards.


Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become the most distinguished and appreciated asset type within the cryptocurrency field. As one of the crypto world’s most prominent and well-liked asset forms, they have come to be utilized in various industries, extending far beyond the boundaries of collectibles and gaming. 

Digital firms and global companies like Nike have resorted to introducing NFT-backed memberships for their most faithful customers to grant them exclusive benefits and privileges.

Keep reading to learn more about how NFTs revolutionize the member experience.

What Is Blockchain?

Binance Academy identifies a blockchain as a form of database and distributed ledger technology (DLT). What sets this apart is the established protocols dictating how data is stored. It is then immutable, with the subsequent pieces of data linking back to one another, thus forming blocks.

What Are NFT Memberships?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets that uniquely represent all digital items. By storing NFT’s data on a blockchain, there is proof of each token’s exclusivity and ownership. This protection prevents any possibility of alteration or forgery of an NFT.

NFT-based membership systems are an excellent way for popular brands to show appreciation to their customers or supporters. Users can unlock various perks by connecting a crypto wallet to the organization’s platform and verifying their ownership of a membership NFT, such as access to exclusive events and services. This allows organizations to reward their customers or supporters effectively and innovatively. Early Access offers such membership that helps in creating valuable connections.

NFT Membership Benefits with Early Access

NFT memberships have the potential to revolutionize the traditional membership system by providing NFT holders with exclusive rewards and eliminating its flaws.

  • Creating a seamless user experience

Utilizing Non-Fungible Tokens-based memberships offer a much simpler authentication process. Just verify you possess the right NFT in your wallet before linking it to the business’s platform to reap the rewards of the subscription.

  • Additional income opportunities

The usual duration of conventional memberships typically offers no changes in their benefits; many firms may even decide to remove certain privileges. However, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) provide a different outcome through smart contracts. This grants ongoing revenue to their producers, which may even be integrated into the NFT membership token. 

Furthermore, when a token holder sells the token on a secondary marketplace, a portion of the sales proceeds can return to the creator. In addition, certain NFT membership tokens come with airdrops of Non-Fungible Tokens as one of their perks, enabling holders to resell the tokens for profit.

  • Minimizing the chances of loss or forgery

One of the main issues of using physical membership cards is that they are vulnerable to being forged or stolen, giving unauthorized persons access to the advantages. Blockchain-based NFTs, however, are near impossible to be counterfeited. Every user can easily validate its legitimacy by reviewing its history of ownership on the blockchain. Moreover, users do not have to be concerned about losing their physical cards as they are securely stored in digital wallets.

How JS Panther helped Early Access succeed?

JS Panther’s assistance to Early Access was instrumental in enabling its success. The client was in search of technical collaborators who could develop their website and modify the requisite integrations to fit the latest trends. They wanted a Web3-compatible NFT platform as well as the creation of a wishlist for marketing purposes that entailed the amalgamation of email, wallet ID, and proof of Twitter followers. Experts at our software development company ensured the client’s expectations were fulfilled.


Blockchain technology and Web3 are rapidly evolving, allowing NFT users and businesses to create long-term, beneficial partnerships. As NFT memberships are securely recorded on the blockchain, the seamless authentication process ensures a smooth login experience.

Our team at JS Panther rose to the challenge when Early Access reached out to us, requesting an NFT platform that could be integrated with Web3 and a wishlist development project that entailed email, wallet ID, and Verified Twitter following. Our panthers ensured that the client’s needs were met. 

Reach out to us today if you’d like to take advantage of our expertise.

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