How to hire the best React Native Developers in 2023?

January 18, 2023

With mobile apps projected to generate over $935 billion in revenue for businesses by 2023, as per Statista, React Native is essential for those looking to succeed in the fiercely competitive mobile app market. The tremendous growth of mobile users, predicted to reach 7.49 billion by 2025, has resulted in unprecedented market competition. As a result, there is more competition than ever for cross-platform mobile app developers.

What Is React Native App Development?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that enables developers to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is based on Meta’s ReactJS. React Native utilizes a fusion of JavaScript and JSX, and XML-Esque markup. React Native applications makes use of native rendering APIs in Objective C for iOS and Java for Android. React Native mobile apps can access the user’s location, phone camera, and other features on the device by providing JavaScript interfaces to platform APIs. As a result, React Native developers can use web-based JavaScript to create innovative mobile applications.

Who Is React Native Developer?

React Native developers in California are highly-skilled JavaScript developers with unique technical and soft skills. They possess proficiencies with JavaScript and a deep understanding of native mobile application development, thereby facilitating customer acquisition and retention for you. 

Responsibilities of React Native App developer

  • Seamless UI

Developers must create a seamless UI for iOS and Android. They must develop components from several wireframes and prototypes.

  • Code conversion

The React Native developer’s responsibility is to create clean and maintainable code in accordance with the client’s specifications. Furthermore, the code should be reusable.

  • Quality assurance

React Native developer must run performance tests and fix any errors detected during the process.

  • Native modules and APIs

 When needed, developers must integrate native modules and APIs for iOS and Android. 

  • Cross-functional partnership

 To build apps as scheduled, React Native developers must collaborate with cross-functional teams.

Benefits of hiring a React Native developer

  • Reduced development time

React Native developers can reuse up to 90% of their code, resulting in less development time. Companies save a lot of development time by not having to design two different apps.

  • Third-party plugin support

React Native developer may use third-party plugins, giving their framework additional flexibility and customization.

  • SEO-friendly

React Native engineers may develop applications that load fast. This helps them achieve a higher SEO ranking and even more traffic.

  • Flexible architecture

React Native developers can easily collaborate with their teams on their code. The adaptive architecture allows other React Native developers to suggest improvements while allowing simple updates.

  • Large developer community

The React Native developer community offers a plethora of support, training materials, and assistance to developers.

  • Hot reloading support

React Native includes a hot reloading plugin that allows React components to load live without losing state.

Skills Test for a React Native Developer

When looking for a React Native developer, it’s essential to consider the balance of hard and soft skills. Hard skills include familiarity with mobile development frameworks such as JavaScript, TypeScript & Swift/Objective-C, while softer requirements encompass communication abilities and creativity in problem-solving. Both bring unique value to your project, so be sure you’ve got the right person.

  • Knowledge of Fundamental React Assertions
  • Extensive JavaScript Expertise
  • Developing Understandable Codebase
  • Familiar with both operating platforms, i.e., Android and iOS apps
  • Communication Skills
  • Client Feedback
  • Adaptability
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Problem-Solving Skills

How to Hire React Native Developers?

Finding a React Native Developer who meets your requirements can be arduous. To make sure you are settling on an experienced developer that meets your needs, seeking out hiring assistance from specialized development companies is often the ideal choice; it’s best to reach out to React native app development company in California. They have access to a pool of dedicated React native developers. Hire react native developer skilled in developing native apps from scratch and enjoy scalable, faster easy to maintain web apps.

Why Choose Us?

Get ahead of the competition with business-oriented solutions from JS Panther. We provide fast, efficient access to React Native developers for organizations ready to begin their digital transformation journey; get in touch with us, and you’ve got an expert development team at your tips. What sets us apart? Exceptional professionalism, technical expertise, and reliable service. Hire React Native programmers from JS Panthers, you can be sure that mobile app development is completed at optimum levels of productivity while staying on top of market trends and customer needs. So take advantage now, and unlock your competitive edge today.

Final Note

Finding the right React Native developers to bring your project vision to life can be challenging, but our team at JS Panther is here for you. Connect with our Expert React native developers today, and let’s get started. With JS Panther, you can make it hassle-free! Our Offshore React Native developers ensure the on-time delivery of all the deliverables. Get in touch with our experienced professionals, who will provide you with the best-fit developer for your needs.

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