A Comprehensive Guide to Develop a Diabetes Tracker App Like MySugr

June 14, 2023

Maintaining an optimal balance of glucose in the body is crucial for good health, and yet this delicate balance is a daily challenge for more than 537 million adults (20-79 years) struggling with diabetes.

MySugr, a diabetes-tracking app, has revolutionized the process of managing the condition by simplifying everyday tasks such as tracking blood sugar levels, controlling diet, and scheduling medical appointments. Remarkably, the app has been utilized by an astonishing 4 million people, making it a leading source of assistance in the battle against diabetes.

When crafting for diabetes tracker app like mysugr  management, it is essential to contemplate what functionalities your app requires to attract customers. It is crucial to guarantee that the app offers a straightforward, smooth user experience and interaction.

If you are intrigued by the concept of developing an app for diabetes management akin to mySugr, this article is for you as it delves into the processes necessary for achieving this goal.

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Some Statistics about Diabetes

According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2021:

  • By 2030, there will be 643 million adults living with diabetes, and this figure is expected to soar to 783 million by 2045. 
  • 3 out of every 4 Diabetic patients come from lower or middle-income countries.
  • Diabetes was the source of 6.7 million deaths in 2021.
  • Health-related costs have skyrocketed by 316% in the last 15 years to 966 billion dollars.

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Diabetes Management and Software Development

Diabetes is an incurable condition, but through appropriate care and management, those living with this condition can still lead productive lives. But how does this relate to software development? Through mobile apps, people can access various resources that help them manage and stay on top of their diabetes. 

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In 2022, the digital diabetes management market was evaluated globally at 22.6 billion US dollars, with projections indicating that the value will grow to around 90 billion US dollars by 2030. This marks a compound annual growth rate of 18.85 %.

What Is mySugr?

In 2012, mySugr, a digital diabetes management application, was launched in Vienna to help individuals dealing with diabetes manage their daily lives. This mySugr app records health data, blood sugar levels, meals, exercise, medications, and more, so patients can better keep track of their health. 

The B2C business model offers a free, ad-supported version and a mySugr Pro subscription plan. It has also connected with healthcare insurers to diversify their revenue sources. The wide range of features and unique approach has made it a vital tool for managing diabetes worldwide.

Core Features of a Diabetes Monitoring Application

When designing a diabetes-tracking app, the features selected can significantly affect its success. The proper selection of features can provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience which, in turn, can lead to improved patient health.

For this reason, some key features must be included in Diabetes apps:

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  • Personalized Logging Screen

This feature allows users to easily track their day-to-day activities, dietary intake, Blood Pressure, Heart rate, insulin levels, and any other information associated with their diabetes.

  • Reports

Informed decisions can be made with the assistance of regular reports providing a synopsis of an individual’s health information. These reports help the person and their medical practitioner take appropriate action.

  • AI-Driven Insights

With AI-driven insights, businesses can gain personalized knowledge and guidance tailored to the user’s logged data. This powerful technology gives companies an unprecedented advantage and helps them reach new heights of success.

  • Blood Glucose Meter Linking 

By linking a blood glucose meter to the app, users can monitor their readings in real-time and keep track of their data more efficiently.

  • Challenges

Stimulating users with health challenges can inspire them to be dedicated to their wellness journey and stay devoted to their treatment program.

  • Live Consultations

Enhancing the platform with a live consultation feature lets users get quick guidance and assistance from medical professionals.

  • Blood Glucose Chart

Keeping track of one’s blood glucose levels is important in managing their condition. By having a visual representation of this over a period of time, users can more easily identify any patterns that may exist.

  • Reminder System for Medication

It is vital to adhere to a medication schedule in order to manage diabetes effectively. To this end, reminders can prove invaluable in helping users to remember their daily medication or insulin doses.

  • Estimated HbA1c

The Diabetes mobile app can calculate an estimated HbA1c value for the user based on their blood sugar levels, thereby granting a better comprehension of their diabetes control.

  • Find Prescribed Meds Online

Those needing prescribed medications can easily locate trustworthy online pharmacies to purchase from using this feature.

App Specifications

The functionality of your app is determined by its intended usage and purpose. As you decide whether to create a comprehensive all-in-one diabetes management app or something more tailored, such as a diabetes insulin calculator, the importance lies in being aware of the distinct requirements of the people you are developing for. Ultimately, you intend to make an effective tool that can deliver personalized help for diabetes management.

Deal with the right software development company, you can trust them to deliver a superior, glitch-free, and highly intuitive application that fulfills your project’s aims.

Developing a Diabetes Tracker App Like MySugr: A Stepwise Tutorial

To create an app like mySugr to monitor diabetes, careful planning, and precise execution are essential. Here are the steps to do that:

Step #1

Formulating an idea and performing thorough market research 

To begin your process, refine your app idea and conduct thorough market research. It is essential to comprehend the needs and preferences of your possible users. Look into the diabetes tracker app like my Sugr management apps already in the market.

Step #2

Platform and technology selection

Once you have chosen your target market, select the right platform(s) for your app: iOS, Android, or multiple devices. Consider the technologies that could improve the app experience for the users.

For healthcare-based mobile app development projects, you must choose the top mobile app development company and must consider several factors, like technology stack, relevant industry experience of the app developer, geolocation of the team at work, etc.

Step #3

Determine an appropriate monetization model

It is crucial to align your application’s monetization strategy with your company goals and customer tastes. Three potential models of diabetes tracker app like mysugr management app development are subscriptions, in-app ads, and Paid Downloads.

Step #4

App Development and MVP

Selecting a reliable web development team, like JS Panther, is imperative at this point. Our aptitude can assist you in constructing a minimal viable product (MVP), a form of your application with only the basic features. An MVP can assist in verifying your concept, acquiring initial user reviews, and can be developed at a minimal expense.

Step #5 

Initiate Launch and Acquire Feedback

Once the app is ready for launch, collecting customer reviews is of utmost importance in determining how valuable and satisfactory your app is to users.

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To Sum Up: We Can Assist You.

Do you have a vision for a Diabetes tracker app like mysugr? JS Panther is here to make it happen! From solidifying your concept to developing an MVP, selecting the platforms and technologies, determining the best monetization model, and eventually launching the app and gathering feedback, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way. 

Contact us today for a customized quote on your diabetes tracker app.

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