10 Best Database Software for Web Apps in 2024

March 6, 2024

A database management system (DBMS) is an ideal technology tool for storing and managing databases in software solutions. The right database software can help developers achieve greater data security, integration, and sharing in a hassle-free way. Different web app development projects have unique requirements, based on which one should select the best databases. 

Some of the popular databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, etc., are the most preferred databases in the IT world. There are vast options available for choosing the right database. 

This blog enlists the best databases for building web apps in a streamlined manner.

What is Database Management Software?

Database management software is a standard technology for storing, managing, optimizing, and retrieving data from the central database. The user interface of the database web apps follows a systematic approach for handling large chunks of the data workloads. 

The foundational structure of the database management system has three major elements:

  • The Data that is to be handled,
  • Database Schema, which mainly acts as the logical structure, and
  • Database Engine allows accessing, locking, and modifying the data.

Apps can also store database information. The DBMS connects the central database and application programs like a bridge. 

Do you know which are the most popular database management systems worldwide?

The infographic below offers insights.

Best Database Software for Web Apps in 2024


Let’s study them in detail.

Here are 10 Database Software You Can Trust for Web App Development


The Oracle

Oracle is one of the best relational database management systems with built-in assembly languages like C, C++, and Java. It offers various out-of-the-box features like accurate application clustering, high portability, standard performance, and more. Counted among the most extensively used RDBMS, Oracle is renowned for faster data processing and less space.  


  • High availability
  • Excellent portability
  • Checks unauthorized access
  • Backward and forward rolling of data



The next best database software is MySQL, which provides developers with an extensive range of features. MySQL successfully enhances data productivity, security, and scalability in web app development projects.

The technology tool is one of the best relational databases and is ideal for both simple projects and large-scale enterprise-grade solutions. You can use it for building high-volume business websites for heavy data storage to be used by countless multiple users


  • Easy to use
  • Secure & Scalable 
  • Open-Source
  • Reliable.


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is considered one of the best DBMS solutions and is open-source, which makes it completely free to use. The tool provides personalized graphical integration of the best database designs, which significantly saves developers time and effort. Web developers can also use the tool to add tailored diagrams to current and new libraries. 


  • Securing data
  • Full-text search
  • Tools for managing relational and XML data
  • Analytics integration
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When a development project needs to handle an extensive amount of data, you must trust PostgreSQL. The DBMS is written in the C programming language and can be deployed for data management in diverse projects, such as gaming solutions, domain registrations, blogging web apps, enterprise apps, etc.


  • Tablespaces
  • Asynchronous replication
  • Nested transactions
  • Refined Query Planner



One of the best non-relational distributed database management system is MongoDB. It is a document database management software and provides great flexibility in building web app solutions. The technology was released in 2009, focusing on resolving the issue of loading and accessing data into RDBMS using object-oriented programming languages.


  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Indexing appropriately
  • Replication & Sharding
  • Load balancing



Redis is programmed in ANSI C language, which helps developers achieve phenomenal speed performance of web and mobile apps across various operating systems. The DBMS tools power multiple handy data types, like hashes, lists, and functions, that enable excellent performance. 


  • Flexible data structures
  • Ease-to-use
  • Replication and persistence
  • Open Source



Elasticsearch is an open-source database management system that provides simple REST-based APIs, a handy HTTP interface, and schema-free JSON documents. The DBMS offers horizontal scaling and is ideal for fast-paced startup product development solutions


  • RESTful search
  • Analytics engine
  • Open-source
  • Highly scalable



The latest version of the IBM DB2 database tool offers excellent speed performance and is an ideal fit for building AI and data science-based projects. Web app developers rapidly use this tool as it is easier to install and can effectively tackle massive amounts of data. 


  • Data security
  • Scalability and availability 
  • Faster querying
  • Extended processing capacity



When listing the best database software, you cannot neglect SQLite, an open-source relational database management system. The DBMS tool is free from server and installation requirements and is relatively simple to use. It is a standard lightweight database with a self-contained engine and runs perfectly on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.


  • Self-contained
  • Serverless
  • Zero-configuration
  • Transactional


Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access lets you build user-friendly apps and helps you create flexible and adaptable database systems. The DBMS tool has reliable community support, which makes it easier to resolve any issues. Its drag-and-drop interface further simplifies the app development process for database administrators


  • Forms & Templates
  • Tell Me Function
  • Import
  • Queries


Wrapping Up

That was all about the best database software for building web applications. At JS Panther, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions and choose the technology stack according to the specific requirements of the web app development projects.

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