5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Reactjs Developer

August 10, 2020

Reactjs is undoubtedly one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks as it allows you to easily build reusable, high performance and scalable UI components. Companies like Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox and Tesla are using this framework for their web applications. As the popularity of Reactjs continues to rise, more and more businesses are looking forward to using this framework. Therefore several development companies and individuals are embracing this technology and offering Reactjs development services.

If you are also planning to hire Reactjs developer, then there are certain things you should know before starting the hiring process. This will enable you to find the right Reactjs developer, who lets you fully utilize the potential of this JavaScript framework.

  1. Check for the skillset

The first thing you should do is study the skillset of any Reactjs developer. This helps you to have a clear understanding of their skills and whether it fits as per your business needs or not. The skills of any Reactjs developer are similar to a front-end developer, therefore the first thing they should have is hands-on grip on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Moreover, they should not only be familiar with other JavaScript frameworks like AngulaJS and Ember but also with all Reactjs tools. Having knowledge of JavaScript libraries like Backbone.js, Vue and jQuery is a must-have. Also check whether the developer has experience of working with Bootstrap, Nodejs, JSX and Redux or not. Try to ask questions that will help you to assess the Reactjs developer on the above-mentioned skillset.

  1. Decide whether you want to hire a freelancer or a company

While hiring a freelancer for your Reactjs project may save you some money, but there are certain challenges like credibility, communication and management associated as well. Whereas on the other hand if you hire an agency you get a reliable partner. Here you will get a variety of specialists with experience. Moreover, you can easily scale up your development process working with an agency whenever required. This helps you to achieve your goal on time and with desired precision.

  1. Do background research

The market is flooded with developers and agencies that exaggerate their experience related to Reactjs. Therefore it becomes important to go through their client portfolio to ensure they are experienced and efficient to handle your development needs. Most companies will have case studies on their website which will help you to get a clear picture. In case they don’t have or you are hiring a freelancer, then you can ask for client details and then contact them for a reality check.

  1. Have an understanding of their development process

Each Reactjs developer or agency follows a different set of the process. Therefore it is always good to know this beforehand. Hire Reactjs developer who follows an agile methodology for development as this will allow you to speed up the development process while accommodating any changes that you may want to have. Another important thing is to ensure that they provide post development support so that you don’t have to look for any other developer when you need a minor tweak or an upgrade.

  1. Give them an idea about your project

It is also important to give an idea about your project, its scale, budget, timeline and other necessary details. You don’t need to share the project in detail, but a basic outline will be beneficial. This will allow the developer or the agency to determine whether they can deliver this kind of work within the time and budget specified.

Final words

Hiring a Reactjs development company or an individual is not an easy task, therefore you need to prepare yourself beforehand. The above-mentioned pointers will surely help you to the hire right candidate for the job.

If you’re interested to work with Reactjs developers who are skilled as well as experienced, you can contact us. We have a highly motivated team of developers along with an extensive portfolio to showcase our skills.


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