An App connecting foremen with unskilled labour


International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently conducted a survey. It states the COVID-19 pandemic stole over 114 million people’s employment. And out of them, 9 million were solely from the US.

Realizing the scope in this situation, our client approached us with their idea. They needed us to develop an app to connect the needful employers with unskilled labour.

The aim was to meet the sudden need for a workforce at binding construction sites and around the house.

The journey starts when a foreman (employer) posts the job on the app. Their listing must include location, timings, wage limit, and a brief description.

Afterwards, the listing starts appearing in the ‘Jobs’ tab. The worker can scroll through the list of jobs showing, select one per their preference, and report to the location.

A plus point for workers is that they wouldn’t need to bring any equipment or tools. Everything is the employer’s responsibility to provide.

Taskmen is a two-way communication app. These sorts of projects comprise complexities that only an expert can pass through. Our Panthers, too, struck some challenges. However, they knew how to wave the swords of JavaScript.

Expertise Delivered

Frontend Backend

How did we overcome challenges?

Our panthers discovered that the project’s dependency is on Native applications. So, they assigned the most experienced native app developers to take care of it.

Now, the developers were to work with Xcode & Android Studio. For the most significant part, both of these tools have severe limitations. Due to them, our team had to face tough bug detection challenges in the abstraction layer.

Still, the Panthers didn’t lose their focus, figured out a solution, and moved towards the second challenge. Infusing so many features were slowing down the app.

To make it performative, our senior-most developers came ahead for help. They made intelligent tweaks and used pure components rather stateful. It helped the app in avoiding unnecessary renders &pace up to the desired benchmark.

How did we operate?

We first discussed the client’s expectations and how they want the user journey to be. Following that, we instructed our UI/UX developers to prepare detailed app wireframes.

After the client approved the design wireframes, we flowed towards the project’s functional aspects. It includes working & incorporating features in the admin dashboard and user dashboard.

Our sole purpose was to make a user-friendly app. Seeing that, we added various operational features helpful to an employer. After that, an attendance marking functionality for workers to enter their timings.

The project wasn’t targeting a segment-specific audience. Thus, we used React Native technology to make the app hybrid and accessible to both Android & iOS users.

Key Features & Technical Bits of Project - 'Taskmen'

"Modern problems require modern solutions" - The ideology we followed while building 'Taskmen'

  • 01

    Push Notification using Firebase

    Firebase will send push notifications to employers & workers registered at Taskmen. These notifications would include necessary information, updates, alerts, warnings and reminders

  • 02

    Google Map integration

    Google Maps API will allow employers to geotag the job location. Similarly, workers can use it to navigate their way to the worksite.

  • 03

    API using PHP Laravel framework

    Laravel PHP is one of our favourite frameworks for custom app development. Using it helped us in implementing authentication and app security robust.

  • 04

    Agile Development Methodology

    We used the Agile Development Method to keep everything transparent with the client. It involved their constant collaboration and continuous improvement at every stage of Taskmen

  • 05

    Android Studio

    Using Android Studio's unified environment, we made Taskmen applicable & optimized for Android devices.

  • 06

    Apple Xcode

    Apple's integrated development environment Xcode is the reason behind Taskmen's smooth performance on iOS devices.

Tools and Technologies Used

We used a number of latest and state-of-the-art tools and technologies to complete this project. Few of these technologies are mentioned below:

  • API integration

  • React.js

  • Node.js

  • Authentication

  • Payment Gateway

  • MySQL Database