Dinner Mates

A companionship based matching website/app

Imagine a platform where you can find a mate with interests similar to yours and catch up over dinner?

The idea struck one of our clients and our experts turned it into a real website and mobile application. Meant to be a matchmaking platform, the project caters to people looking for companionship with attributes to pair up for a dinner with similar interests.

Our team developed a website and a mobile app with a web-based admin panel to manage the details/content of the frontend app. The website/app displays the restaurants in suggestions for the users to select the venue for the dinner date. Prior to this, the users are required to mention certain details such as gender preference or age to get the list of profiles available based on these details. In order to further view the profile, users have to log in to their account.


Technical Bits

  • Google Map API integration
  • React.js Using Custom Hooks and Redux for Managing State
  • Node.js Using Express.js Framework
  • Auth0 Authentication
  • JSON Web token for Managing Authentication
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Integration
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Using React.js
  • MySQL Database Using Sequelize
  • JOI Integration for Securing API Requests
  • Auto-build Using Jenkins