Laravel vs React: Choosing The Best Web Development Framework in 2024

May 14, 2024
Laravel vs React

In the world of web development, the proper framework can lead the project to success in no time. Failing to choose the best frameworks can lead to a waste of time and resources. While there are several development frameworks, the two most popular leading the race of technologies are Laravel & React JS.

Developers can integrate React JS with Laravel using webpack or Laravel Mix to build high-quality web apps and various other types of software solutions. This blog discusses the Laravel vs React comparison to help you understand how they make a formidable duo together.

Laravel vs React – Comparison Begins

Features Laravel ReactJS
What is it? Laravel is a back-end framework. ReactJS is a JavaScript library.
Based on It is written in the PHP programming language. It is written in the JavaScript programming language.
Use Case The PHP framework is helpful with server management, database interactions, and constructing server side operations.  The JS library is helpful in creating user-friendly and appealing visual interfaces for the apps. 
Architecture It follows model view controller architecture. It follows the component-based architecture
Apps Made With   Several apps, such as MyRank, Toyota Hall of Fame, Invicta Watch Group, and others, have been developed using Laravel technology. Popular apps like Instagram, Netflix · PayPal, and others have been developed using the ReactJS technology.

Before we explore the main differences between the two technologies, let us examine what they are and their features.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a backend development tool and a PHP-based framework that helps developers with server-side application coding. It comes with various out-of-the-box features, such as MVC architecture, templating engine, eloquent ORM, and more.

Over the years, the popularity of the Laravel framework among developers has increased rapidly, mainly due to its robust features, packages, and extensions. The framework is considered an excellent choice because developers get hands-on reusable handy code, and it also assists in building extensive and scalable apps.

By choosing to hire Laravel developer with expertise in the full stack technologies, companies can build high-quality apps at a cost-effective budget.

Key Features of Laravel

  1. 1. Elegant Syntax: Laravel has a clean and expressive syntax that allows developers to code the apps hassle-free.
  2. 2. MVC Architecture: The PHP framework follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which is a trending choice for efficiently creating well-organized code.
  3. 3. Blade Templating: The framework follows the Blade templating engine, which offers reusable views and simplifies the process of designing dynamic and reusable views.
  4. 4. Eloquent ORM: Laravel developers can access the eloquent Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system to communicate with the databases, which helps to fast-track the development process.
  5. 5. Robust Authentication: Building robust apps with Larvae technology is possible because the framework provides built-in authentication and authorization mechanisms. This saves developers the time and effort required to implement security features.


What is React?

React is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces of web applications and other software solutions. It is a front-end technology, and React developers can build user-friendly interactive user interfaces. React allows anyone to build dynamic and interactive frontends that help create more excellent UX for application users.

React is a JavaScript technology that is highly popular among global companies. It is a product of Meta, and the tech giant also regularly releases the React upgrade. They have also built React Native, a full-fledged cross-platform mobile framework centered around the ReactJS library. The technology provides significant flexibility in creating page elements and lets engineers build HTML seamlessly.

Choosing to hire React JS developers allows you to build apps with immersive user interfaces that drive high UX and boost ROI.

Key Features of React

  1. 1. Component-Based: The JS library follows a component-based structure that promotes reusability and maintainability and allows developers to create complex UIs easily.
  2. 2. Virtual DOM: One of the most promising features of the ReactJS library is the virtual document object model, which lets developers see the impact of code modifications in less time. With optimized DOM rendering, companies get quick updates and faster performance.
  3. 3. Massive Community Support: JavaScript technology comes with vast and active community support, massive third-party libraries, and tons of tutorials. Several forums are available for developers to seek help when they get stuck creating web apps.
  4. 4. One-Way Data Binding: Unlike other trending JavaScript libraries and frameworks, React follows one-way data binding. The unidirectional data flow simplifies the debugging process and ensures dynamic user interfaces’ predictable behavior.
  5. 5. JSX Extension: React provides developers with the popular JSX extension, which lets them create HTML-like code within their JavaScript files. This allows developers to develop intuitive user interfaces for apps.


Laravel vs React: Detailed Comparison


  • Learning Curve

The learning curve of any technology determines the ease with which developers can learn and master it. Technologies with a simple learning curve allow developers to be more readily available and ensure good software product documentation.

Laravel has a simple learning curve and is primarily considered a developer-friendly language. Documentation, forums, and tutorials help developers with quick setup and problem-solving strategies.

On the other hand, React is also easier for JavaScript professionals to learn and master. Programmers not experienced in JavaScript technology may find it challenging to master this technology. However, there’s an abundance of documentation and strong community support.

  • Performance of the Technologies

When analyzing the Laravel vs. React comparison, one key factor to consider is the performance of the two technologies. The PHP framework offers high performance and gives Laravel developers access to standard features like caching, queuing, and query optimization.

All of this helps to enhance the performance of PHP applications. Apps made with Laravel are also inherently scalable, as the technology allows the integration of more servers to accommodate the rising workload.

On the other hand, React is a frontend technology with virtual DOM that promotes efficient modifications to the user interface for improved performance. React developers can use strategies like code separation and server-side rendering (SSR) to enhance the performance of dynamic apps.

  • Quick Development

Both Laravel and React have several pre-installed tools and handy code that facilitate faster application development. For example, Laravel provides a blade template engine and Eloquent ORM to quickly develop a web app. With a large set of handy features, it is considered an ideal choice to create large web applications.

Similarly, React comes with a clean interface, allows code reusability, and leverages virtual DOM that helps with faster development of apps. The availability of just the right components helps with building highly interactive user interfaces for single page applications.

  • Core Architecture

Laravel uses the MVC architecture, which promotes the proper separation of the frontend and backend code into different components. This helps the PHP developers create highly efficient apps that are easy to update and manage.

React does not handle the app’s backend development. As a frontend technology, it follows the component-based architecture that simplifies the process of building web applications.

Final Thoughts

Developing web apps can seem complicated, especially for people lacking technical knowledge. At JS Panther, a web development company, we have a team of skilled experts in various technologies. 

Whether you need a full-stack Laravel developer or a React expert, we can connect you with our well-versed engineers to collaborate on your development projects. 

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