Hire NextJs developer: Everything you need to know

October 18, 2022
Next JS

An open-source development framework built on Node. Js, Next. Js is one of the most popular frameworks for static React apps used to build super-fast websites. It helps build static web apps using React, server-side rendering, and more. It’s vital to grow your business and Next. Js can help you do that.

Many established businesses like Uber, Netflix, GitHub, and Starbucks use this one of the fastest-growing frameworks for building web applications.

Why use Next.Js?


According to the research by Kissmetrics, Forty-seven percent of people expect a website to load within two seconds, and forty percent of people do not wish to wait longer than three seconds.

Web pages that are simple and have fewer images load faster. A static web page loads ten times faster than a dynamic web page. 


The quickest way to rank higher in search engines is by utilizing SEO. It’s how your website gets recognized on the web, and if you have a high ranking, more people will click through, resulting in increased traffic for lead generation purposes or just because they want what you offer.

The quicker your content loads, the more web crawlers have to peruse and rank your web page. And as you know, static websites are fast.


Static websites depend on basic HTML files, which require less hosting space. Static websites are cheaper and don’t need as much maintenance as dynamic ones. This makes them a more cost-effective option for businesses. Dynamic websites require more upkeep, especially when it comes to scalability and handling increased web traffic. 


Static site generation is creating all the assets needed for a website without help from a server or middle man. To put it in simple words, As there is no need for a server-side or middle man, there is no intermediary where malicious hackers can find vulnerabilities. 


Most people don’t like getting error messages when using the Internet. Error messages are both annoying and disappointing. For instance, one common error message is “The connection could not be established.” This is likely because of a database issue that cannot happen with pure HTML files.

Who is a Next.Js developer?

A Next. Js developer uses the Next. Js framework to build web applications. Next. Js developers use foundational skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

A Next. Js developer helps design, develop, and maintain front-end applications. They work with internal teams to create applications that can be rendered on the server and generate static websites for React-based web applications.

Why hire Next.Js developer?

Hiring a software developer is a hands-on process requiring considerable knowledge about app development. If you want to create a React. Js app but don’t want to neglect your search rankings, you might want to consider using Next. Js. Next. Js software developers can help you build your app while still keeping your search ranking up. 

What should you look for in a Next. Js developer? 

Here are the qualities to look for when you hire Next. Js programmer: 

  • Expertise in Node. Js as a back-end architecture
  • Expertise in Next. Js as a front-end architect
  • Familiarity with the following concepts: universal applications, static pre-rendering (server-side rendering), and automatic code splitting
  • Demonstrated ability to build responsive and well-structured web application UIs
  • Heavy background working with and developing in React. Js

Why choose JS Panther to hire Next. Js developer?

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable JS developer to help take your eCommerce to the next level, then JS Panther is a perfect choice. 

With 93% Client Retention rate and years of experience in successful mobile development, we know how crucial it is to get professional solutions. We know what it takes to create a platform that sells. Apart from this, we work as per your time zone, keeping everything transparent and professional.

At JS Panther you get:

  • Only professional and experienced Next.js developers
  • High-quality software development at a reasonable price
  • Smooth and easy onboarding
  • Effective communication and good command of English
  • Regular reports
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexible engagement models

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how our experienced developers can help you grow your business.

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