Full Stack Developer VS Specialized Developer: Which One to Choose in 2023

May 18, 2023

Making the most of your software idea depends upon the technology stack, marketing approach, and choosing the best developers. The right group of developers helps to implement crucial industry-centric features with high-quality software development.

Businesses nowadays have two popular options: a full-stack developer and a specialized developer. This blog throws in-depth insights into Full Stack vs Specialized Developers. At the end of this article, you will have clear insights into which one to choose when confused between a full-stack developer and a specialized expert. Before we begin, let’s discuss some web development basics. Web development broadly has two aspects:

Frontend Development: It mainly consists of developers creating graphical interface designs via which the user interacts with the website or application. Frontend development revolves around creating & designing elements accessible to the user.

Backend Development: It involves creating code and working on the server side of the website or app & working with the databases, back-end logic, application programming interface (APIs), architecture, and servers. Everything that is inaccessible to the users and involves functional programming is developed in the backend of the web development project.

The Difference in Definition – Full Stack developer vs Specialized Developers

Before you explore the in-depth details of the full stack vs specialized developer, it is crucial to look at an overview of the differences between them. 

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer can take care of both the front-end development and the backend code of the web app. A full-stack developer is proficient in multiple web technologies and can complete a project single-handedly, along with software testing. The significant advantages of a full-stack developer are faster project development and lower cost. The same developer can switch between the project’s front and back-end technologies in no time, which enhances the pace of development.

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Who is a Specialized Developer?

A specialized programmer is a person who is either skilled in frontend development or backend development. A frontend specialist is involved in creating the graphical interface design and other elements via which web visitors interact with a website or application. 

A backend specialist is a developer who will code everything which makes the website or application function for the users. The backend specialist handles the databases, back-end logic, application programming interface (APIs), architecture, and servers.

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The Difference in Budget – Full Stack developer vs Specialized Developers

Full-stack developers are a budget-friendly option for business enterprises. The developer is responsible for everything, including research and analysis, frontend design & development, backend development, and software launch over the web or the app markets. A single developer takes care of everything, automatically reducing the project’s development cost.

In contrast, a specialized expert means multiple experts for a project which a full-stack developer could otherwise do alone. Each expert will take care of a specific aspect of the development project. So, businesses will need to hire a UI/UX designer, a frontend developer, a backend developer, and a QA analyst who will take care of testing and quality checking of the software. The result is increased development costs. 


Hiring dedicated Full Stack developers is a cheaper option than specialized developers.

The Difference in Quality – Full Stack vs Specialized Developer

You can expect high-quality code free from bugs and issues with skilled full-stack engineers. Hire dedicated full-stack developers with expertise in diverse industry verticals can create high-quality projects.

However, the delivered website or mobile app quality automatically increases when you have a team of specialists. It’s because each person is skilled in specific tasks and activities he has been assigned and holds multiple years of experience in their respective niche.


A team of specialists guarantees optimum quality websites and apps which are entirely free from bugs and issues and delivers higher user engagement.

Pros and Cons of a Full Stack Developer 

# Advantages of a Full Stack Developer

1. Cost-Effective Option

Cost saving is the most crucial advantage of choosing a full-stack developer over specialized developers. When the concern is budget, you can save significantly with a full-stack developer as you can hire a single professional to take care of the entire project.

2. Fast Project Development

When confused between full-stack vs specialized developer, go for full stack if you need a faster time-to-market of the application. The assigned full-stack developer completes the project in less time as there are zero glitches in switching between the front-end and back-end development of the software project.

3. Easier Project Management

You are free from managing different team members, and with the help of milestone-based performance monitoring, you can easily track the project development cycles. A full-stack development team eliminates the need for multiple meetings and discussions among various development team members. 

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4. Streamlines Debugging

The same full-stack developer is involved in all the software development life cycle stages. So full stack software developers can quickly analyze and inspect the software code for debugging the application in less time.

5. Command on Latest Technology Tools

As full-stack developers, they are experienced professionals and on the lookout for new technologies. Full-stack developers keep pace with the upcoming technology trends and learn new skills that make them skilled experts in web development.

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# Disadvantages of Hiring Full-Stack Developers

1. Average Product

The ultimate developed project may need more quality when you go for freelance full stack developers. A freelance developer usually lacks high-end tools, so the delivered project fails to meet top-notch performance. 

2. High Competition

The high demand has made it stiff competition to find the right Full Stack developer for the company looking for software development. You must select a reliable development company to find a reliable full-stack developer.

When Should You Hire a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack development provides the project with quicker development, testing, and launch at reduced costs. At JS Panther, we recommend you hire a Full stack developer under the following circumstances:

  • You want to build a small or medium software development project that can be developed in a few weeks to a few months.
  • The project’s complexity level is low. A highly complex project fails to achieve precision quality with a full stack development approach. 
  • If you have a limited budget and want to experience reliable software development, then dedicated full-stack developers are the right option.
  • You want to release the project in less time and are looking for fast-paced project development.
  • Full-stack development is ideal for small business enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Pros and Cons of Specialized Developers

# Advantages of a Specialized Developer 

1. Precise Quality

A team of developers with expertise in their respective fields brings a sense of top-notch products. Moreover, it has been noted that work delivered by specialized developers surpasses quality and performance.

2. Easier to Assign Tasks & Responsibilities

A specialized programmer takes care of specific responsibilities of the web development project. So you can assign designated roles to the assigned developer. For example, the front-end developer designs intuitive graphical interfaces for the project.

3. High Availability

You can easily find specialized experts, as many are available in the market. Learning to handle only the front end or the back end of a programming project is more effortless. So, many developers opt for learning either frontend development or backend development. 

# Cons of a Specialized Developer

1. High Cost

You need multiple experts on the team, leading to higher costs with specialist developersHiring dedicated developers is unsuitable for projects with a limited budget.

2. Unsuitable for Faster Development

When a team of front-end and back-end developers works together, there’s a frequent need to hold meetings and discussions. Both teams must update each other with project advancements for a streamlined workflow.

When Should You Hire a Specialized Developer?

Specialized developers are a boon when you have the proper budget and ample time to transform your software idea into a digital reality. Go for specialized developers under the following circumstances:

  • You have a highly complex project.
  • Developers can build your software development idea without hurrying, and you have quality time to do a well-finished project.
  • The budget is high for developing the software idea.
  • You need the highest quality standards for the software project.

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Over to You

That was all about Full Stack vs Specialized Developer. Based on the project requirements, you can either go with a full-stack developer or a team of specialized developers. We are the best full Stack development company and recommend small and medium development projects go with the full-stack option. It saves you cost, management effort, and development time.  

When you completely hand over the website or app development project to us, we assign our team of experienced professionals to take care of the entire project and collaborate with the client.

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