Web Developer vs Software Developer – Know the Difference!

May 21, 2024
Web Developer Vs Software Developer

It’s difficult to identify the differences between web developers and software developers, as both have similar roles and responsibilities. In a broad sense, web developers are also a type of software developers who specialize in building websites and web apps.

On the other hand, software developers can include all engineers who specialize in writing application code. This blog provides deep insights into the web developer vs. software developer comparison.

So, What’s the main difference between web developers and software developers?

Engineers who can build websites and apps are web developers. Programmers who can build complex software programs for computer devices and mobile devices are software developers.

Who is a Web Developer?

Web developers are engineers who have hands-on experience making interactive websites and apps. In other words, they have experience using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You can hire web app developers with experience in a range of technologies, such as ReactJs, Angular, Vue.js, etc. They can analyze the project requirements and create immersive web apps that seamlessly fulfill business goals.

Types of Web Developers

1. Front-end Web Developer

They work with HTML, CSS, and JS technologies and are responsible for building website graphical user interfaces. With responsive web designs, front-end developers can ensure the smooth presentation of the site across various devices.

Key Tasks of a Frontend Developer

  • Using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for building user interfaces
  • Maintaining the user interface
  • Implementing designs with perfection on mobile websites
  • Building dynamic and highly interactive websites
  • Managing smooth software workflow
  • Following SEO best practices
  • Fixing bugs and testing the website for usability

2. Back-end Web Developer

The backend specialist is responsible for writing code for server-side systems. They ensure that the website works according to the user’s input and expectations. Professional back-end web developers focus on building databases, servers, and applications.

Key Tasks of a Backend Developer:

  • Developing various elements of the server-side
  • Writing a clean and highly scalable code
  • Interconnecting several systems into one
  • Developing and debugging various product components
  • Constructing the most suitable architecture
  • Web developers tend to create databases for web applications
  • Introducing and integrating new technologies into the system

3. Full-Stack Web Developers

As full-stack experts, they can work on both the front and backend of a website and can ensure end-to-end development single-handedly. So they can handle all the roles and responsibilities of building web apps.

Who is a Software Developer?

Software developers are programmers who can handle application code for computers and mobile devices. They are well-versed in writing simple and complex code and can also tackle conceptualization, documentation, testing, and upgrading software application components.

Choosing to hire software developer lets you build simple and complex dynamic apps that can tackle a growing user-base of the business seamlessly.

When analyzing the web developer vs. software developer comparisons, understanding their roles and responsibilities is essential.

Responsibilities of a Software Programmer

  • Coordinate with developers to design flowcharts and algorithms using the right computer science technology tools
  • Able to produce clean and efficient code
  • Can ensure smooth integration of the software components and various third-party applications
  • Testing and code debugging the code
  • Modify the code according to the latest user demand
  • Create technical documentation for reference and reporting

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Major Overlap Between Web Developers and Software Developers

There’s a significant share of similarities between the web and software developers. This is because a web developer is basically a software engineer with a specialization in web technologies.

Moreover, both types of developers need to be experts in specific programming languages and technologies. They must also be able to collaborate with teams and successfully troubleshoot application code.

The key difference is that they have expertise in different technologies and toolsets. For example, web programmers need to know HTML, CSS, and JS technologies. Similarly, software engineering experts must know languages like Python, C++, Java, etc.

How do you hire a suitable developer for the project?

Step 1: Determine Project’s Scope

The first step is to determine what kind of software application you are making. A clear idea of the project scope helps identify the required budget and choose an ideal developer. It also helps determine the necessary skill set and expertise of the software engineers.

Step 2: Type of Developer You Need

Having gained profound knowledge of the web developer vs. software developer comparison, it’s time to analyze which one you need to onboard for the project. The answer is simple.

Hire web app developers if you are trying to build an eCommerce site, a simple or complex website, whether B2B/B2C or others.

On the other hand, if you are making mobile apps or apps for computer devices, you need software developers with expertise in more extensive technologies.

Step 3: Consider Various Sources

There are various sources for hiring developers. For example, if budget is a prime concern, you should go with freelancing sites, as they can help you save money. The downside is that the developer can vanish anytime, and there’s no warranty of quality.

Choosing to go with a software development company lets you access proven expertise and secures the project. If you are not satisfied, you can also request a change of the company’s allocated resources.

Step 4: Assess the Candidates

While it is advisable to follow your instincts, you must also carefully examine the chosen developer. Go through the engineer’s portfolio and check whether they have hands-on experience in relevant technology tools.

You must also check their earlier projects to determine whether they fit your web development project. When interviewing candidates, the questionnaire must help you gain insights into the developers’ technical qualifications, projects delivered, personality, and soft skills.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the web developer vs. software developer debate. Both types of developers have different expertise and are ideal for various kinds of projects.

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