Full-fledged CRM for managing company’s interaction


Every firm, aspiring to grow big, needs a CRM wherein they can manage the customers-client relationships. Well, our client wanted the same, but with bigger aspirations.

As per the client’s requirements, our team created three major sections in the CRM: Super admin, employee login and partner login. All the three have separate functionalities and features where the Super Admin is the master of the complete CRM, access all features and login into any of the user accounts. Each requirement was given due attention with regular meetings with the client via SKYPE to gather milestone feedback and ensure maximum efficiency throughout the build.

The best part: The complete system is responsive in nature and can be accessed via mobiles and tablets.


Technical Bits

  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration
  • React.js using react hooks and Context API
  • Node.js using Sails.js framework
  • MySQL database using Sequelize
  • Socket.io for real-time notifications
  • Logging using Winston
  • Passport.js for authentication
  • AWS services like S3 bucket, SES
  • Serverless coding using AWS Lambda function

Expertise Delivered

Frontend Backend