Cloud Storage

A web-based file storage for easy data management


Who wouldn’t want a software that allows easy storage and transfer of data?
Well, one of our clients got hold of this software in the right manner!

Credit goes to our adept developers who created web-based file storage for a client who was looking forward to an easy data transfer software for its users. With the help of this, the client can handle multiple customers in one interface and set storage quotas per customer. Further, the customers can use the system for sharing images/files and other data with anyone they like, who have their own login and upload files.

The best part: the client/admin can manage user activity by adding/editing customer, setting maximum file-size to upload and/or viewing customer info.


Technical Bits

  • Angular.js v5.0.1
  • Node.js using Koa.js Framework
  • for Real-time Syncing of Directories and Files
  • MongoDB
  • Koa JWT Authentication

Expertise Delivered

Frontend Backend